The perfect nude

If you love (or even just slightly interested in) makeup, then you'll understand when I say that the quest for the perfect nude lipstick can seem like an uphill battle most days. Finding that illusive beauty item that will suit your complexion and not look like a dead person seem so hard. The only real solution is to try them out in person, and to keep trying until you find THE ONE.

For the longest time, my perfect nude lipstick has been MAC's Fresh Brew. I was obsessed with this lipstick that it felt like cheating when I would try to find another one.

Alas, I think Fresh Brew has been replaced not just by one but by two lipsticks, and cheap ones at that!
 These Essence lipsticks cost $2.49 Cdn each...awesome, right? Best of all, they have a creamy texture, and does not have a funky taste which some brands unfortunately have.

To add a bit more shine, I put on top this Essence gloss in Nude Kiss, which I believe costs $2.99Cdn.

Essence is a German brand, but you can find them in Canada in Shoppers Drug Mart. In the US, I believe they're available in Ulta.

Have you found your perfect nude lipstick? Do tell:)


Vision By Mila said…
I was into pink for a while, I still am I guess, but at the same time turned a bit towards nudes, hence bought 2 Rimmel (012 Guest List and 206 Nude Pink) which seem to be on top of my list these days..
Vision By Mila said…
PS. I don't think we have "essence" in Finland, but I'm going on holiday to Austria in one week, and maybe I find them there, I've heard they are good and cheap.
Vision By Mila said…
Oh and I wanted to put a 3rd comment just because I changed my profile picture so I wanted to see myself 3 times in a row :D
Emmylou said…
HAHAHAHAHA! Hugs. Mila:)
Jessica said…
These colors look really pretty. For some reason I 90% purchase soft pinks for myself.

Josie said…
I love finding bargain beauty bits! I've never worn a nude lip before, it's bright or nothing with me xxx
Elly said…
These colors look great, and it's even better that they're at such a great price! :)
Marta said…
I like these color, Essence is a great brand that I love :) I have a nude lipstick from Kiko and I love it :)
Anonymous said…
That's good to know! I haven't found mine yet, I'll have to check those out at Ulta!
Unknown said…
I'm also in love with the fresh brew, that's what I wear when I don't feel like using color on my lips, this new lipstick looks good would definitely try it & the price is right...
Elle Sees said…
finding the perfect nude depends on the pigmentation in your lips. mine are not very pigmented, so most look awful on me. i use a brown lip liner, ala the 90s, to fill in the lip, and then i can wear most anything. pinky-nudes look the best on me.
I love essence glosses! I don´t normally use lipstick, but I use glosses quite a lot. Kisses! <3<3

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oomph. said…
yes, just like red, it's hard to find the perfect nude! these look really nice! not sure if i've seen this brand. will have to look out for it.

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