Doors Open feat. the Mackenzie House

The annual Doors Open Toronto is happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity to see many of Toronto's historic buildings for free. Yesterday, we had the chance to go see the Mackenzie House- home of Toronto's first Mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie.

Below are the pics taken of this lovely Victorian-era abode. Thank you to the wonderful staff for a very educational and informative experience.

Living and Dining Room

bed where Mackenzie died

The printing press room was quite interesting, and they actually let you do your own print!

A cool souvenir, eh? :)
The kitchen:

I highly recommend visiting the Mackenzie House, if you're coming to the city (or a long-time resident). What a great way to learn more about Canadian history.

(By the way, the house is rumoured to be haunted. On October 26th, it's part of the Spirit Walk, where people who signed up will be taken to the city's supposed haunted buildings. Awesome, right?)


Adam said…
it's cool they kept it up all these years
Emmylou said…
It's like travelling back in time, Adam:)
Unknown said…
i definitelly cant stand without going!!
Vision By Mila said…
Did you sign up for that walk? Must be cool, I'd go!
Shoe Belle said…
That is pretty cool:)
What a fabulous way to see them! I can't get over the printing press. That is truly awesome.
Josie said…
This looks great, I love places like this! The Spirit Walk sounds fun too xxx
miasmode said…
The house looks amazing. I would love to make my own print too <3

Emmylou said…
Thanks for commenting, everyone. Hubby and I are up for that Spirit Walk if we can find babysitters that night:D
Imogen said…
I just love seeing historic buildings like this, it reminds me of a similar place I went to which was a great experience.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The Doors Open concept is really cool. I wonder if we have something like that over here.

Oh to Be a Muse
Shop Layered Muse
Unknown said…
nice photos

New post on the blog:
Anonymous said…
A great moment for you, thanks to share it with us :)
Ceciliette said…
Such a great day to enjoy and see new things. Here we have something similar, but it's just a night (too short for me) it's like "the nights of the museums"
Great, need to check it out. These types of historical places always makes me happy, I love it! Thanks for sharing. xxMadison
June said…
The printing room and souvenir are cool indeed! I hope you find a babysitter and go for the Spirit walk!!
Beauty Follower said…
NIce post!
Belo post...Espectacular....
rooth said…
Oh I totally love the printing press and that it's haunted... I'm getting goosebumps as I type
Let's also talk about your amazing bag! Xo, Megan,

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