Currently loving #11

Items I've been currently enjoying:

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman makeup brushes from Walmart (cheap but amazing)

Embryolisse Cream (great makeup remover; for any skin types)

Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil (a once-a-week treat for my poor wretched scalp and hair)

Nioxin Silk Elixir (an awesome leave-in conditioner)

Funko vinyl figures (My nerdiness has no bounds!)
Can you guess from what shows? Bwahaha! 
All I'm missing are Khal Drogo and Jon Snow.:D
Cersie is trying to get in the pic at the back! That Cersei....
What have you been loving lately? And have you seen the last episode of Game of Thrones "Rains of Castamere"? Aaaaaaaah! Can't wait for the finale.


Vision By Mila said…
The figures are so cute! I'm collecting napkins, have more than 400, I actually will dust them a bit and count them when I go to Romania, they're home with my mom, who still adds to the collection. I only have the core collection brushes, they're ok, but I don't use them very often, more the foundation one.
Emmylou said…
That's pretty cool to have that collection, Mila:)
Always Maylee said…
I'm in need of some new makeup brushes!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Virginia said…
amazing stuff what you have!
Adam said…
I have those figures but one is C. America and the other is spiderman
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I was going to talk about how I like rosemary hair oil, but then I saw those vinyl figurines. O-M-G! I want! I want all of them, like, for real. Where can I get these? I want both Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. You have to get Drogo and Jon Snow!

Seriously...where do I get them? :)

Oh to Be a Muse
Shop Layered Muse
Andrea said…
those vinyl figures are the cutest! they're all yours? :O
Emmylou said…
Hey Andrea:) Some people collect jewelry...I collect these figures:D
I love G Of T !
Your brushes are amazing too :)

New post - Kisses

I need a new brush set! I'll have to check these out.
Shoe Belle said…
No bounds indeed! haha
Beauty Follower said…
Those little people are super cool!
Dascha said…
Really nice ^^

love those brushes Xo, Megan,
Anonymous said…
cool figurines collection!
Josie said…
The first episode of Game of Thrones was on TV the other day, I'd never seen it before and now I need to watch it! I think the only way I can is by buying the box set, need to wait for next pay day though and I don't know how I'm gonna do it haha xxx
Marta said…
I love the brushes :)
Anastasia said…
These figures are the cutest!And i like the hair oil too..
rooth said…
Oh my flipping god those are so cute. My sister has the plushy version of all the LOTR ones... well, the nice LOTR ones. No Gollum or orcs for her
LV said…
I love rosemary oil. I use it on my hair and scalp too. Those makeup brushes look like something I need to check out.
Imogen said…
New makeup brushes are always so exciting.
Nioxin is great! Those figurines make me laugh so much, my little nephew loves them! xx/Madison
Unknown said…
definitely unbeatable!!
your purposes are simply amazing, hope you follow me back <3
Sergio, xx

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