Easy Breezy

A comfy dress and slip-ons...can't get easier than that:D

Roots cardi, old dress from Urban Outfitters, Vans slip ons (My 3 year old took this pic!)

Hope you're all having a fab weekend so far:)


Adam said…
must be comfortable, happy sunday
Emmylou said…
Thanks, Adam:) U too!
Vision By Mila said…
How did I miss getting slip-ons? Next summer then!
mispapelicos said…
We have many friends in comon, so I came to visit, and say how much I like your blog, your hair and that perfect dress.
happy Sunday
Sam said…
Adore your vivid colourful dress, it spells fun! The shoes look so comfy, I am definitely a flats type of gal.
mispapelicos said…
Mine too.
Following you now.
I do hope we become good blogger friends.
Jessica said…
That dress looks so cute on you and it looks very comfy too.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
Elle Sees said…
adorable! cute as a button
Anonymous said…
Love the big bold colorful print on that dress!
Imogen said…
You are so sweet. I love your dress so much, the print is so cool.
Jane said…
hope you had a good weekend! i love seeing pictures of little kiddos taking pictures. your 3 year old did a fantastic job! :) i love slip on dresses too. so comfortable. i love the colors and print on yours.
Rebecca said…
Beautiful :) comfy but stylish, I love it!
Always Maylee said…
You look so cute in this dress. Love the print!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Yulie said…
cute dress ! :D
Maybe we follow each other ?!
If yes, let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)


Great dress Emmy! The print looks amazing on you girl.
These definitely look comfortable. Great bold colours on you too Emmy. Happy Monday. x/Madison
Oh to Be a Muse said…
It's so cute that she took these photos! Love the design on the dress.

Comfy and easy is weekend perfect and you're rocking the print. Your 3 year old is pretty good with a camera :D

Rowena @ rolala loves
Sana said…
Aww!! You looked so bubbly and cheerful <3 <3 You do have a gorgeous blog btw girl <3 Following you via GFC, would love if you visit my blog and if you like can follow me too :-)

ilovetrends said…
Ooh I love your dress!
Ceciliette said…
Comfy is the way to go!
Thanks for the vote. It ws as easy like that,, just the like (Y)
MILEX said…
You make me speechless
Halie said…
Fun print. Have a great week lady.
Unknown said…
Cute dress! Love the whole look :)

XO Melissa
Shop the Sale Rack!
June said…
I totally agree with the easy breezy part. I find most dresses available around my side of the world too feminine and girly but there is no denying that they are so comfy and easy to throw on
your hair is so cool!

Awesome sneakers! <3 Cuute ♥
So nice! Love your 'though' hair and your slip-ons!!
I wear mine at my latest post too so we match haha

X ★
rooth said…
Your kids have got some mad photography skills :)
Love that dress on you! So cute!!

Daisy Dayz
Beauty Follower said…
Lovely pattern... i like the way you have matched with black cardi& shoes!!

Unknown said…
Cool & chic as always!

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