Out of season

I never did get to wear these shoes during the summer, so I thought while there's still no snow....
Theory shirt, Hot Topic pants, Merona sandals from Target

Do you wear summer shoes during fall/winter?


Adam said…
I don't ever wear summer shoes in summer
you are pretty

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A chic kiss ;)
Vision By Mila said…
Ah, never, unless I want to freeze to death! :D But I love your outfit, the jeans the best! We're having proper autumn weather nowadays, so it's scarf, hat and all that.
Kimberly said…
I absolutely love jeans that fit like this! Standing 5'3 they're perfect!

nop i dont and i cant...too cold in sweden during fall/winter
Jane said…
there is no rule sayin you can't! :) and i love the look on you. it's my favorite. jeans and a white tee.
Such a cute look and shoes! Why not get them in while you still can :) I love my boots too much in the winter lol.

Rowena @ rolala loves
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Go for it! I would wear summer shoes into the winter as long as my toes weren't cold. This happened often when I lived in Florida. Love your Hot Topic jeans!

Emmylou said…
Thanks, all, for commenting. Here in Toronto, the day usually starts off cold, then warms up...soooo confusing sometimes. But yes...jeans and shirt is one of my fave combos too:D
Sam said…
I think i am more a person who wears fall shoes in spring, lol, especially ankle boots. Your sandals are so elegant, the perfect neutral pair. Awesome pair of jeans! Stopping by to say hi.. Hope your week is going well!
Mimi said…
I do if it warm out! So cute!
Beautiful, loving everything!

Aesthetic Lounge
Emmy, those are SUPER CUTE! I want a pair! HAHAHA Girl, we're still wearing flip flops around here. It's still warm. I love those! Also loving your jeans! I like the art on them. Can I send you a pair of mine, so you can decorate them? So cool.

I know what you mean (my post). People that I barely know have treated me better, than people I have known and done for...for ages. It's sad. I've been so disappointed in "so-called" friends that you can't even imagine. I have done so many things for people and it wasn't appreciated at all. I've been through a lot of let downs. So I knew exactly what you were talking about. There's also good and bad in blogging, but you eventually find out who is true and who is not. I'm glad I found YOU! You're a doll. You have a good heart. ((hug))
Unknown said…
Cute! Love the rolled up jeans. I'll wear a pair or two into the next season :)

xo, Megan
indie flower
Unknown said…
cute outfit

Coco said…
Nice to meet you Emmy, I came here from Kim's blog and hope we can stay in touch!
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They look awesome with the jeans! I hate it when you forget to wear something until the weather has changed, hehe.
Elle Sees said…
i'm wearing flip flops right now!
You Always looks fab! I've been wearing thermo socks for over a month now :-(
Always Maylee said…
It's definitely not too late to wear them, they're so cute!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
LV said…
Cute look Emmy! Love the shoes!
Another great post dear! As usual, looking very chic! I am so in-love with this look. Already excited to see your next outfit posts.

What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.
Supercute. I love those shoes. That outfit is perfectly chic and cozy. One of my favorite combos.

No, I don't wear summer shoes in the winter. I hate being cold, and when my feet are cold, so is my whole body.
cute shoes! As long as the weather still cooperates, I still wear my summer shoes! =D

Anonymous said…
I don't even wear summer shoes in summer, lol. I got ugly feet...
Inge Lakawa said…
white tee and blue jeans are always great! ^_^

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Unknown said…
Yes, I still am wearing my sandals and could care less! I hate wearing socks and boots! LOL!

xx Easy Outfits, by Pip
Sam said…
Thanks for your great comment, Happy Friday hun!
rooth said…
I'm the opposite - winter shoes in the summer time (for a bit anyway)!
Shybiker said…
What pretty shoes. I believe in wearing clothes whenever and not limiting them to a season. Nice blog!
Beauty Follower said…
Ypu look so pretty!
I dont wear sandals in the WInter
because my feet get cold lol :)


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