Oversized coats are great for winter cause they're perfect for layering:)
Topshop cocoon coat and chelsea boots, Phillip for Target blazer, F21 shirt underneath, no-name leggings

By the way, I wore this outfit to my little one's birthday party celebration over the weekend. She's 4 now...sniff sniff....

Time goes by soooo fast, doesn't it?


Sam said…
Happy Birthday to your adorable daughter, may she have tons of love and cupcakes for years to come! Crushing on your lovely oversized coat and the shirt is so eye catchingly chic.
Jane said…
happiest birthday to your little one :) she's so adorable. and i love your oversized coat (really wanting one!) and your booties. xx
Always Maylee said…
Love your blazer and those booties. Aw she's so cute, happy birthday to her!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
I love your oversize coat Emmy. And,happy birthday to your precious daughter, they grow up so fast. xx/Madison
Congrats! Love the blazer, and I would love a bite of that cake :-)
Emmylou said…
Thanks for the greetings, everyone:D
Shon said…
Yes, time is a blur!! Lovely coat and Happy Birthday to your little princess!! We love Diego too!

Coco said…
She's so cuteeeeee!! Just like her mum! Mine will turn 5 next March :-) I love your oversized coat and your daughter's dress is delish!!
Coco et La vie en rose
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Emmy, she is so precious. Omg'd, I love her dress and haircut. What a doll! Glad she had a great day and ummm, where's my slice of cake . Just kidding. When purchasing a coat you really have to consider all the layers that you'll be wearing under it. So many people don't do that. The oversized styles that have been coming out really have helped with that. Love yours.
ilovetrends said…
Wow! I'm in love with your coat!!
Happy birthday to your princess!! I'm sure the party was amazing :)
Adam said…
seems like a fun party though
Sybil said…
yay for oversized coats for sure!! :D

Animated Confessions
Bernadette Czle said…
love the coat, so lovely xx
Unknown said…
a lot of beautiful pictures, the last one is my fav!

Unknown said…
OMG I love these adorable photos of your daughter.As being a mother myself,I can totally relate to that feeling.Your daughter is soo cutee and looks like you.Happy birthday to her!!
And I can't tell how much I love your oversized coat,I'd totally love to have it in my wardrobe too.That blazer has a great print too.
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She is adorable!! Happy birthday to her!! Oh, and I LOVE your coat! <3

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Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to the little munchkin! :-) Time flies yeah. A little too fast if you ask me!
That coat is awesome! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! That pic of you two is precious!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Sam said…
I am grateful for the last comment you left me...hope your week's going great!
I really like your coat dear! It looks so warm and cozy <3
Rakel said…
so pretty! as always <3
Coco said…
Happy Thanksgiving Emmy, to you and your adorable family <3
Mica said…
The print on that blazer looks great! :)

Away From The Blue
rooth said…
Four?! Omygoodness. Happy big birthday to her!

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