Kung Hei Fat Choi 2014

Wearing something red for the Chinese New Year:)
no-name red coat from the CNE, Aeropostale cardigan, Wilfred top, no-name leggings, Topshop boots

Some pics taken with my phone during New Year's Eve dinner last night:

She has a cold (again), but she knows how to werk it!
My fave: sweet and sour pork


steamed fish...yumyum

Wishing all of you much luck and happiness with this new year:)


Boris Estebitan said…
Happy Chinesse New Year :)
Vision By Mila said…
I'm not sure about that fish.. but red suits you! I don't eat fish and seafood, but I love Asian food, as long as it includes chicken, pork, beef. In fact I might go get some take away!
Happy New Year, and I love the bright coat. I always buy boring black or dark grey ones :-)
Jane said…
omg. amazing food. happy new year! happy weekend!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Look at all the food! I'm having a dim sum dinner tonight. Happy Chinese New Year.

Emmylou said…
Thank you, everyone:)
Imogen said…
I love your red coat. Red looks great on you. I have always been drawn to red coats. I wore a red dress to work yesterday for chinese new year. A friend told me to!
Happy Chinesse New Year!
new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es/2014/01/oasap-tartan-scarf-for-winter-days.html
Adam said…
they were all ready for the year of the horse with that display.

Did you ever notice that there's no Year of the Cat? The most popular pet in the world got left out of the zodiac. Go figure...
wishing you the same emmy! i love your red coat and the food you guys had looks DELICIOUS!!! hope your little one feels better soon. that year of the horse display was spectacular. thanks for sharing these pics. have an amazing weekend doll.
Eline said…
The food is looking só good! Makes me hungry, even though i just had breakfast ;)
Anonymous said…
Happy Chinese New Year :-) All this food looks incredible, hmmm!
Shon said…
Happy New Year to you and your family!

You look great in red..the coat is great in any year.

Look at all that delicious food...my husband would devour all of it. #hisfavorite.

Anonymous said…
You look so pretty and that food looks delicious! Happy New Year! I lose those boots, also!
Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you all the best and success with career and everything!
IamSuperMelski said…
Kung Hei Fat Choi to you and your family! I love your red coat. You look adorable! Oh and this post just made me super hungry! My favorite part of the menu for this year's Chinese New Year was the Xiao Long Bao. Have you ever tried Xiao Long Bao before? It is basically siomai with soup inside the lower portion.
Beauty Follower said…
Happy New Year :)
Wish you the year of the wooden Horse brings you health, wealth & joy!

rooth said…
Happy New Year!
Unknown said…
Happy New Year! Love your hair... You're one cool mum! Www.tornandpolished.com
LV said…
The food looks so delicious! Happy Belated Chinese New Year!

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