#Sochi2014 #WeAreWinter

I've been wearing this hoodie for the last few days, in honour of the Canadian gold medals in hockey (both men's and women's), and all the other medals won by the stellar athletes that participated this year.

 What can I say? The Winter Olympics is big for us Canadians coz, frankly, we don't do so well in the Summer one:P I guess all that snow we get is good after all.

old Canada hoodie from The Bay, Theory shirt, Habitual jeans, Ugg Australia boots
Congrats to all who were part of the Olympics. Such great athleticism all throughout from everyone and from all the countries.


rooth said…
Awwww, you're adorable as usual
Jane said…
love the hoodie! so awesome about hockey! it's usually a favorite to watch. oh when they go into the sudden death rounds... omg! :)
Vision By Mila said…
Congrats! To Finland as well, for the bronze, though with the dope thingy for Sweden, I think silver is on order for the Fins!
Canada did very well! Look at you! Love your Canada hoodie. Everyone should take pride in their country. Those athletes have some amazing talents. I know I couldn't get up there and do 1/3 of what they do! The next winter olympics will be in South Korea! Looking forward to it. That should be FUN!
Harija said…
Go Canada Go!! We did great... 25 medals... 10 gold!! Just in the last four days we got 6 gold... I can't be more proud of our Canadian team!!

My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I agree. The Winter Olympics is the time to shine for Canada and you guys definitely did that this year. Yay for your sweater! Represent!
Love your sweater sweetie!

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That's such a fun happy sweatshirt! It's no surprise that Canada rules in hockey.

Rowena @ rolala loves
Yay, for Canada! You look adorable in your shirt. Wishiing you a wonderful week dear. xx/M
Emmylou said…
Thanks, everyone:D
*whispers* I think I'm having Olympic withdrawal symptoms....
Shon said…
Congrats to Canada and all Canadians. What an amazing Winter games we experienced. I am sort of sad to see them come to a close.

I love your pride Emmy and the hoodie is awesome.
Adam said…
The winter olympics is certainly something a lot of warmer countries never do well at.
Unknown said…
I cannot believe the Olympics are over already. Seems like it just started.
Unknown said…
Such a lovely happy patriotic post :)
I only followed the ice-skating competition whenever I manage to catch it on tv. Congratulations to your team! x
Anonymous said…
Aw, you look cute, what a nice way to show your support :-) Woop woop Canada!
Sam said…
Congrats to the Canadian team, well done, your patriotic look is so cute.Thanks for lending me your thoughts on my last post dear.
Josie said…
I missed all the Winter Olympics this year! Well done to Canada xxx
The Olympics were so much fun to watch! Loving your country pride for Team Canada!
June said…
Looking good Em! I loved watching the winter Olympics too! Especially the skiing and figure skating!
Unknown said…
YAY For Canada! Definitely proud to be a Canadian!
Beauty Follower said…
I want the same cardi, very nice!
Congrats to your athletes.
Although we did'nt have any serious participant in the Winter Olympics, it is great to watch the sports.

Elle Sees said…
go canada!congrats! i was just gonna say that--see that snow is handy after all!
Beauty said…
Congratulations on your win. And you really do put all that snowy winters to good use.

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