New in...bright orange

My birthday is not until April, but hubby was kind enough to let me pick my gift in advance....squeeeeee!
Reed Krakoff Fighter bag in Havana leather

I've kinda fallen in love with this bag when I first  saw it at Holt Renfew HR2 late last year when my sisters and I went Boxing Day shopping. I mean, just look at that colour! When hubby and I went back, it was on sale for such a good price, so I knew it was meant to be, right? :D

Thank you, dear hubby, for this super awesome present.
(Now, if I can only finagle him to get me an early Christmas present...bwahaha! I joke, I joke....kinda....)

P.S. In case you're interested, the bag is on sale (in different colours) at the Reed Krakoff site, too.


  1. AHH! I love Reed Krakoff bags and this colour is just perfect. What a lucky girl you are

  2. I'm an April baby too! That's a gorgeous bag, what a gorgeous, juicy colour xxx

  3. Thanks, ladies, for commenting. :D This is my first RK bag, and I lurvz it!

  4. Aaaa wonderful color! Lucky you ;)

  5. It is so beautiful...:-) the color, style and quality is impeccable.

  6. Wow I want one too! The colour is so gorgeous. I am very happy for you!

  7. Emmy, that bag is gorgeous! what a fabulous color and i love the buckles on it. it's cool how they overlap. hubby gets two thumbs UP! enjoy your new bag doll. it's going to go with so many things.

  8. What a delicious bag! What a sweetheart your husband is :-)

  9. It's beautiful Emmy! It's a unique model in a delightful color. I love that knot, it's going to be so trendy (I'll talk about it in a post). When is your bday exactly? Tons of hugs my dear <3
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  10. This is so chic! I love it!

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  11. christmas comes but once a year. keep on waiting, 9 months to go :). maybe more if you've been nice and not naughty :) :)

    does not anyone notice/comment on how straight and true my deck posts are? what is wrong with you people??

    -manservant de Tallulah aka 'hubby'

  12. So gorgeous! Love the bag! Your husband (manservant) is funny!

    Aesthetic Lounge

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  14. WHat a lovely bag EM! Love the design and color. When's your birthday? Mine's 4th may

  15. Eep! I love it! I love orange so much, both in clothes as in accessories.

  16. love the bag and the color! happy early birthday! :)

  17. ooh!!!! I love it I love it I love it! That bold orange is AMAZING. I can't wait to see you wear it in a blog post:-)


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