I'm kinda digging the stripes of this top because it's a bit different than my usual horizontal/vertical ones:)
old top given by a friend with Banana Republic tank under, LEI jeans from Walmart, Vans slip ons

with a Topshop coat
 Wishing you all a fantastic Friday, and weekend:) Any plans?


Sam said…
I love stripes and seeing them down diagonally is so cute and eye catching, your mix of prints is so fun, looks fantastic. Have a great start to the weekend hun!
Unknown said…
Love your striped top and the colors!! You look lovely babes! :)

Have a fantastic weekend!! :)
Emmylou said…
Thanks, ladies:)
Jane said…
i'm loving the stripes too and the colors! we may go hiking this weekend. we haven't gone on a hike in a while so i'm looking forward to it :) have a great weekend, emmy!
Instant Milk said…
Too cute!

Come visit me soon! I miss you!


June said…
That is a sweet top indeed! Love your fishtail braid! BTW I was just wondering where you're originally from (apart from Canada)
Beauty Editer said…
As usual, you look very stunning! Have a great day. :)

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Loving this fresh take on stripes and the vibrant colors are fun too! Happy weekend!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Coco said…
Hi sweetie, you rock this top!! No plans for the weekend, just relax with my family, which is what I cherish the most!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
Fabulous stripes and love the colors! Beautiful weather, so I'll be getting out. My mom's birthday too. So will be doing stuff with her.
June said…
Ah, I thought as much that you're Filipino :) BTW are you on facebook? Would love to connect with you. My profile is www.facebook.com/junebiswas. Add me or send me yours!
Unknown said…
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Adam said…
looks wonderful
Anonymous said…
I like that striped top, very cute for spring :-) You are one colorful lady now, Emmy, with the hair and all :-)
Vision By Mila said…
Have a great weekend, we've been travelling a bit today, just nearby, but it was a very nice, warm spring day, we had to take advantage of it.
Sam said…
Thanks for your kind visit, hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
Imogen said…
I love the stripes too, such a fun design
that vibrant top looks good on you dear! Love the coat too <3
Unknown said…
the stripes top is really cute! great friend you have!
ciao :)
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rooth said…
Ooooh your hair looks SO cute like that. Yay for braids
Elle Sees said…
i used to have a skirt that had a similar pattern to your top! love stripes
Unknown said…
Your affect is totally appreciative and newsy!

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