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One of the things I really like to knit are shawls. They're so versatile, aside from being warm and cozy:)

Aside from using it as a scarf, a shawl is perfect for when you're in the movies and it gets cold, watching TV at home, reading a book with a warm cup of cocoa, at work and sitting under a vent....

shawl I knitted, H&M shirt, no-name leggings, Converse sneakers

What is your fave accessory lately?


Vision By Mila said…
You should open a shop!
Unknown said…
You are so cool and trend setter too
Adam said…
Daisy tried to knit but never turned out too well. I can't see how anyone can do it, I certainly don't have the patience for it.
The more I look at your hair, the more I wanna dye mine lol
Anna said…
so nice and warm and hmmmm ((:

xxx Anna
A Tale of Two Shoes
Kiwi..x said…
Wow, you knitted this. It's Stunning. Such a great talent
I think I love shawls for the same reason, they can be so comfy
Shon said…
What a great shawl, scarf, wrap Emmy!! I love it and it is so versatile. You are really doing beautifully!! Keep at it!!
ilovetrends said…
You did a great job, I really love it! I wish I could knit one.
Have a nice week!
Hélène Heath said…
Love that you made that scarf, i totally wish i had the patience to knit!

xx Hélène
Your shawl looks perfect. Hope you'll have a great week!
Love the result very much! It looks beautiful. And I actually adore the shawls, too... In winter or on a cool summer evening. Perfect. :)
Josie said…
I love shawls as well! I always bring one to the cinema, mainly because I'm usually seeing something scary so I need something to hide behind haha. Yours looks super cosy! xxx
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I love the two tone color combo in your knitted shawl. Would totally wear it!
Sam said…
Your shawl looks so cozy and perfectly made, still can't get over how fabulous your hair looks! Many thanks for stopping by, may your week start on a high note.
Jane said…
shawls are most definitely great. such a beautiful knit! i thought i'd try and knit that scarf now that it's in the seventies :) haha - but i stopped after like 2 lines. sigh.
That is one styling shawl Emmy! You did an amazing job with it!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Coco said…
Great job with the knitting! My fave accessory right now is a cobalt blue cotton scarf which protects me from cold gusts! Sending you tons of love!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
Now you're doing shawls!?! You can crochet your patootie off. I love it!
You need to start a business Emmy!
Excellent Emmy, it looks really great. I love shawls, and scarves, one of my favourite accessories! xx/Madison :)
I love it! Oh and your hair too! ;)

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Unknown said…
I love your hair like this !
Unknown said…
Absolutely absolutely adore the new hair color! You did a great job with the shawl wish I could do a quarter of what you did..
his_girl_friday said…
It's so awesome you made that!
Elle Sees said…
i loveee a big ole shawl. comfy and useful!
rooth said…
My goodness this certainly does look cozy

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