New in...I gave in

These were considered "trendy" last year even though they have been around for ages. After the Celine SS13 collection came out, it seemed like everyone was wearing them. I resisted, I tellz yah....but those darn Olsen twins! I always get jealous when I see their photos wearing this type of sandals, so these got purchased from Little Burgundy:P

(Let me tell you....these are sooooo comfy. These are my first Birkis, and definitely will not be the last.)
Birkenstock Arizona sandals

And yes...I'll be wearing them with socks. Bite me.

Try to buy Birkis in person so you can get the right fit. If you have to order online, I suggest buying one size down (for the Arizona anyway).

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Are you a fan of the Birkenstocks? 


Anonymous said…
Well... at least you're not wearing them with white socks I guess ;-) I am not a big fan of these, Emmy, I'm sowwy :-(
Unknown said…
Nice!! :)
Always Maylee said…
I actually don't think my feet look good in birks, but love them on you! Rock em' girl!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Jane said…
i've been wearing birks since high school! i absolutely love them :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I'm happy they are comfortable. I think I remember seeing them on the runways too. Not for me, but you gotta love comfort!
Birks are not my style but they look cute on you with those pink socks Emmy!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Got two pairs and I don't want to wear anything else during summer.
thegrisgirl said…
wooow! you have a great blog!
I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know, please. I always follow back so don`t worry :)
have a nice day sweety!
xoxo from Spain
I'm loving the Strawberry colored socks with them Emmy! I bet they are comfortable. See, you have small feet. I wear a size 11. My feet would look like boats in those! I wish I had small feet. You guys can wear everything.
ilovetrends said…
I looove them!!
rooth said…
Oh Olsen twins, they really can do no wrong in my eyes
Adam said…
never had a pair
Unknown said…
I have not really seen them but they look comfortable.
Coco said…
Hello hun, I have a pair of Birkies with thong and I must say I walked miles without a scratch. By the way my latest post talks about this trend :-) you won't be disappointed by these shoes, but please do wear them sock-less!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
ahh the shoes look pretty comfy!
Unknown said…
I'd prefer to wear them without socks!!!
ciao :)
Bloglovin' | Facebook | Instagram
Unknown said…
great on you, I'd love to try but I really don't know why to wear with it!
Josie said…
I wasn't a fan but now I'm obsessed! This is the pair I want, I think they may be too chunky for my skinny feet though xxx
LV said…
Birks, are super comfortable, but they look horrible on me. They seem to look cute on other people.
They are comfortable, although not entirely my style. But, good for your getting what you want and what fits your style! Have a great weekend. xx /Madison
Vision By Mila said…
I like them, but not with socks.

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