Some poncho love

As a huge fan of the The Walking Dead, I know that ponchos are serious business, y'all! Ergo, I had to knit one, of course.

poncho I knitted with Wilfred top underneath, Talula leggings, Tod's loafers
My husband said it's very "Hunger Games" too, which just made my day:D

image from

image from
Do you like ponchos? :D


June said…
WOW! So pretty Em! Wonderfully made! Your knitting skills are definitely really good :)
Anonymous said…
I was afraid to actually read your post since I was afraid I'd stumble across a major spoiler! Happened with Game of Thrones last week :-( Still bummed out about it... Anyway, ponchos! Ponchos are kewl. Yours looks really cute. Can't believe you knit that yourself.
Jane said…
i love it emmy! and your husband is awesome :)
Unknown said…
Your poncho looks fabulous and very comfy.
Emmylou said…
Thank you, ladies:D
Emmy, that poncho is fabulous! I know you're secretly putting together a fashion collection. I'll see you during New York Fashion Week :D
Oh, I love this sweetie!

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Unknown said…
I like ponchos.
I used to wear them more when I was younger though.
Thanks for reminding me how cool poncho's are, I need to go and find mine. Great job!
so cute. I love the poncho you made. Super nice pattern. =D
ilovetrends said…
Wow!! I've always wanted a poncho, and never have one! Yours is so cool!!
his_girl_friday said…
You're very talented! Love The Walking Dead, but it gives me nightmares!
Adam said…
didn't know ponchos were big on Walking Dead
Imogen said…
I love ponchos I've been looking for one for ages. I never watched the walking dead but I hear so much about it at work
Elle Sees said…
can't say i've ever worn a poncho, minus rain ones, hehe. you are so dang talented.
Sam said…
Your poncho looks adorably chic Emmy, I really need one too. Hope your week is going well :)
That's amazing Emmy. I love the inspiration as well, great colour poncho! I love ponchos, capes, all of it! :)xx/Madison
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Always Maylee said…
I feel like I would be lost in a poncho but I love the idea of them. Yours is fabulous, love it on you!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Beauty Follower said…
Wow you are such a gifted lady!
Wodeful cape :)

Hugs from Athens
Beauty Editer said…
Hello, I so love this post!

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Gosh I admire your knitting skills! What a fabulous poncho!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Unknown said…
Buatifull poncho and it looks great on you!
Coco said…
Did you knit that beauty? Great job Emmy, it's lovely!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
Beauty said…
I do not own a poncho but I like the one you made. It's got lovely colors.
hahaha omg i think we are the same then! Walking Dead!!! can't wait for the new season though T_T
Kashaya said…
Nice poncho.=)
Anonymous said…
Lovely post dear:)
Love your blog so much!
Maybe we could follow eachother ,let me know on my blog?
rooth said…
This is so cute Emmy!

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