It's great to be in the midst of all these green after the whiteness of snow:D
Evil Twin top from Urban Outfitters, American Eagle jeans, Adidas sneakers

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


Vision By Mila said…
I love the green around here as well! Hope it lasts for quite a while!
Unknown said…
Love the Adidas sneakers.
Always Maylee said…
I love all the green now for sure! Your sneakers are super cool!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Jane said…
oh my gosh totally! all that green reminds me of a miyazaki movie emmy! :)
The green is definitely a nice change from the white snow. I totally covet your kicks!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Awesome shoes, love that they are pretty pink on the inside :-)
Audrey Allure said…
Great sneakers!
I can imagine Emmy! You guys had snow piled high! Enjoy
Unknown said…
What a great look--love those shoes! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


xo Jess
rooth said…
Yay, happy summer-ing!
Imogen said…
You are looking fantastic. Wow it is all so green.
Shon said…
Wow, that is a beautiful contrast to the snow. The leaves are so green and lush?

Your hair is really popping against the it. Happy Summer to you and your crew!
Anonymous said…
I agree, I am so happy that spring and summer are here!
I love being surrounded by nature too! I mean I can feel the most relaxing there :)
Kashaya said…
Nice shoes.=)
Unknown said…
Love the Adidas sneakers
They are adorable.
Great outfit
You look very pretty.
Love the shirt Emmy. The Adidas shoes are my favourite! :)
Style Savouring
Josie said…
Love those jeans! I can't believe it didn't snow where I am this year! x

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