It's Friday. I'm in love.

I may be too excited that it's the end of the week....Happy Friday, everyone:)
Old Navy dress, no-name leggings, Birkenstocks
Any plans for the weekend?


Unknown said…
The excitement is written all over you. We don't have much planned, just the regular farmers market, movies and maybe go-karting, it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow but let's see! That's the look I want all weekend, so relaxed!

Have an awesome weekend!
Emmylou said…
Thank you, ladies:) And your plans sound good:)
Yay for Friday! We plan to do some shopping, enjoy some hot pot and watch some baseball this weekend. Enjoy yours Emmy!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Jane said…
happy weekend! i love your dress. i have an old old navy shirt dress that i just cannot part with because it's one of my favorites. love the shape of it. :)
Harija said…
love your hair and thank you so much for your lovely thoughts on my past post!!
Deeply appreciate it ;)
My Lyfe ; My Story

Vanessa said…
Such a cool outfit. ;-)
Lovely greets Nessa
I'm loving that dress Emmy! Me want :D Have a great weekend!
Adam said…
nice outfit, happy friday
Vision By Mila said…
Plans - to get the L'Oreal Sunkiss jelly and give it a go to get "sunkissed" hair.. bla bla blaaa..
Imogen said…
I can tell because you look excited. Have the best weekend.
Coco said…
Hello lovely! I'm at the seaside this weekend yay!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
Anonymous said…
You can never get too excited over the fact that it's weekend, Emmy! I don't have any special plans yet. I might just stay in and chill or go out with the boyfriend.
Kashaya said…
Cute and comfy outfit.=)
Josie said…
Have a fab weekend Emmy! Mine is all about family time x

Josie’s Journal
LV said…
I can see the happiness all over your face. You look very youthful in these photos and I love the simplicity of your look and yet it is quite stylish.

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