Out of sync

I know it's too warm to wear cardigans right now, but I like how this turned out, so.....:D
Hello Kitty shirt from Hot Topic, pants from Urban Outfitters, Converse sneakers, cardi I knitted

Do you ever wear stuff that's not weather-appropriate just because you love it?


Jane said…
sometimes it can get a bit chilly so cardigans are ok :) ha. plus it looks nice!
Josie said…
I love those trousers! And I'm always in my leather jacket no matter what the weather, I love it x

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Emmylou said…
Thanks for commenting, ladies:)
I love those pants Emmy. I say as long as you're happy and comfortable why not! :)
Sharon said…
Cool cardi! I love your hair more and more every time I see a new photo of it!
Unknown said…
I am so with you. If it feels good and looks comfortable, go for it.
Boris Estebitan said…
Genial tu cabello, saludos :)
rooth said…
It is WAY WAY WAY too hot here to wear anything resembling fall / winter wear but I'll look to you for that inspiration come November :)
Imogen said…
Love that print. Yes every day I wear things not weather appropriate and complain about it being so cold.
Elle Sees said…
i do the same with scarves! i have so many.
Adam said…
we have a lady at work that keeps wearing a jacket to work when it's like 90 degrees outside.

She wears an ugly jacket, so I don't think it's because she likes wearing it for looks. I can only assume she's "cold".
Sam said…
I do it all the time, even in summer, I must have a cardi in hand, adore those cute striped pants. Thanks so much for your kind visit. Have a wonderful warm weekend!
I think your hair matches very well with the outfit! Love the cardigan too
Gosh your pants are so fun Emmy! Yes I totally wear things out of season just as I shop out of season :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
Coco said…
I always do, I just follow my instinct!
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Unknown said…
I looove the striped pants on you, they look so comfy and cute! Nice combo with the sneakers and the cardi!
When I get something new I wear it right away, no matter if it's weather appropriate. It needs to be worn :-)
Unknown said…
The weather here is usually extreme. It's either too hot or too cold, so I stick to weather appropriate clothes :)But I think anything is okay as long as you feel comfortable in it!
Looks great! I wish, but you don't want me to end up in the hospital right Emmy? Temps have been hot and humidity high. I would have a heat stroke right now. Fall is right around the corner.
I LOVE the outfit. I love to layer, but I'm 8 months pregnant and I stay super hot in this Texas heat, so I wear as less as I can get away with right now.
Coco said…
Just popped in for a Sunday hug. Hope you had a blast!
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