Rain Dance

I guess spring wants to come back. Lots of precipitation lately...sigh....

H&M shirt and pants, Converse shoes

By the way, July 10th was the third anniversary of this blog....woot! Who would've thunk I'd stick to doing this? Heehee...


Jane said…
oh happy three years on the blog :) and it's been pretty chilly here in the mornings and nights and we're expecting storms and rain over the weekend. boo!
That first pic is so cute! We're expecting some rain too. Stop sending it down ;p Happy 3rd blogiversary Emmy!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Kashaya said…
Nice photos. I love your pants.=)
Josie said…
Happy Birthday to the blog Emmy! x

Josie’s Journal
Adam said…
congrats on 3 years
Unknown said…
Congratulation on your anniversary of three years blogging :)
Loving this happy post
Aww the first photo is very adorable! And happy 3rd anni for your blog :)
DeVs said…
pretty nice look !

Elle Sees said…
i think i've been reading your blog for around 3 years. happy blogiversary!!
such a cute pics!
kss a lot
new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es/2014/07/4-beauty-must-have-body-shop.html
Vision By Mila said…
On the contrary, we've been hit by a heat wave, I'm dragging myself to and back from the class.. either too hot or too cold!
Unknown said…
Wow. 3 years is a really long time to stick to it. I still have to get through my first year.
Unknown said…
Loving your outfit, Emmy!!!
Please so a STOP RAIN dance ;)

Chiara ~ CHIAWEB.it
~ Instagram
Sam said…
Aww that first photos is too cute, love the print mix and pants. Your comments are much appreciated, have a great Friday!
Anonymous said…
You have a cool blog anniversary date because thats my birthday! Lol, and yes rain has been all over the weather channel lately. Its kind of annoying. Love your hair color! Have a great weekend
xoxo, Ty
The Golden Soul said…
Cool pants <3


Happy Blog Anniversary Emmy! You're the best girl :D Keep blogging because I love you and your blog! So down to earth. I need to do a rain dance because it's dry here.
rooth said…
Awww, I love his shoes
Beauty Follower said…
Cool pants,
yours sons slip-ons even cooler!


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