Let's Go To The Ex 2014 (Photo Heavy)

It's that time of the year again, guys. If you're new to the blog, the Canadian National Exhibition is a yearly tradition for the family. We went yesterday, and it was the perfect super hot summer day:)


Jane said…
oh my gosh. this looks so fun. love that it's a family tradition to head out :)
What a fun family tradition. Great photos Emmy, especially adore that second picture. :) /Madison
Seasoned Versatility // Berlin Style
What an awesome tradition and it's fun for the whole family!

Rowena @ rolala loves
Unknown said…
Gorgeous photos and amazing family tradition... Everyone looks great, and the photos say it all, fun-filled day.

rooth said…
So flipping cute Emmy!
Anonymous said…
I'm gonna say it again, you have the cutest family ever, Emmy! Looks like you all had a blast again.
Elle Sees said…
how fun! love looking at these every year.
June said…
Adorable photos Em! You had such a fun day with your family :) Your kids are so super cute!! I would love to meet your little girl! Such a cutie!
Josie said…
This looks like such a fun day out, I love that you spend a lot of quality time together as a family! x

Josie’s Journal
Adam said…
looks like too much fun
I'm loving all the games and sweet treats! I use to love that vintage car ride and hitting the heads of those critters. One time I was bit heavy handed and the stick broke from the whomp part. Yeah, let's just say the carnival game guy was not too happy with me. Lol great pics Emmy!
Looks like you guys always have loads of fun. As a kid I used to love trying to catch those rubber duckies!
Oh I wanna go! Our big city carnival is coming soon and I'll have to miss it because my c-section is just a few days before. We always go but we're usually so broke we just get a snack and walk around and look at stuff!
Beauty Follower said…
Have funnnnn!!!!

his_girl_friday said…
Your family looks like so much fun!

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