Because winter came super early, I just thought this editorial with all these yummy sweaters is so appropriate:)

(images from Glow Magazine Nov 2014)
Photographed by Andrew Soule

This was last night:

Are you enjoying winter wonderland where you are?


Josie said…
That's a gorgeous editorial and yay for it being shot in Ireland! OH WOW, look at that snow! I hope you get a white Christmas, we never always arrives in March when you want it to be Spring! x

Josie’s Journal
These sweaters and pictures are gorgeous! Omg, such a lot of snow! Keep warm:)
Adam said…
Brace yourselves, winter is coming

not really where I live. Just cold wind if that.

Getting close to the end of season 3 of GoT. Finished the one where the Hound captures Arya, and Jamie saves Brienne from the Bear
Looks like someone's having fun in the snow! I wouldn't mind if we skipped the snow-part of winter over here :-)
2minutos said…
She's soooooo cute!!!!!
I love the look and feeling of the editorial. Have a great weekend Emmy. xx
Bittersweet Nights & Unicorns
Unknown said…
That furry coat is calling my name! Due to my recent move from Cali to England, I am definitely in dire need of some winter coats! Although it hasn't snowed (yet), my move to the north has left me wanting to experiment more and desiring the proper outerwear for the season. I've been contemplating but haven't jumped the gun -- the sweaters here look amazing though! Can't say enough about that furry glamcoat -- I need it in my life! xx You little one is the most adorable, happiest girl ever! =)
Oh that sweater with the cowl looks so cozy and warm. At least it looks like your little one is enjoying the snow :)
debra mejia said…
I love all those cozy sweaters. I'm so jealous you guys have snow. The kids look like they are having so much fun. We are lucky that it cooled down to 70 degrees today. No sweaters for us yet, just long sleeves:(
Imogen said…
Oooh they are so lovely, even the backgrounds and environment are so lovely.
Elle Sees said…
yes! i have been in a cozy mood lately. y'all keep warm!!
Those sweaters look lovely! I can't believe how cold it is already.
Vision By Mila said…
Uhlala, you're buried in snow! We had some, but nothing super major yet! I decided I'll give myself a couple of months before I go clothes shopping, I really, but really, have to get back in shape. Said the whale.
We got a couple of snowflakes here in TX last week!
Jane said…
oh my gosh! so much snow!!
HaHa Child Labor! LOL That's a lot of snow. Good thing she thinks it's fun. I love that second sweater on the right.
rooth said…
My goodness, so much snow already!
Beauty Follower said…
Isn't snowing in my city :(
So jealous!!!
Miu said…
Ooh, it's already snowing at yours! I love how happy your daughter looks while clearing the snow :)

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