Après ski

Tentree hoodie, H&M/Girl With Dragon Tattoo Collection pants, Tecnica moon boots


Beauty Follower said…
Great hoody... the boots must be super warm!

Imke said…
You look wonderful!
I hope you have an amazing week ahead!

Love the boots! Lacing up the back is such a nice detail.
Adam said…
looks good

speaking of GoT the other day, I forgot to mention that I realized that Peter Dinklage was American. His English accent as Tyrion was so believable.
dang those boots are cool!
Anonymous said…
That outfit looks so warm and comfy! It's freezing here, but idiot me is sitting here in sweatpants and a top, that don't work yo!
June said…
Ohh your outfit is so nice and cozy and those boots are to die for! . I'm hosting a fabulous giveaway on my blog and would love it if you participated!! Check it out
YoYoMelody$40 Giveaway here
his_girl_friday said…
You look so comfy cozy!
Jane said…
i love this outfit!
I wish I can find such warm and cozy boots before it's getting colder soon!
You look so cozy and warm!
Happy Holidays Emmy!
You are always SO COOL Emmy! Love your sweatshirt, pants and boots.
Elle Sees said…
i bet those boots are so warm and toasty!!!
365HANGERS said…
We are SOOO in love with your boots Super cute :)

xx 365hangers
This may be my favourite outfit from you. You look perfectlly ready to take on the slopes. Great winter outfit Emmy. Happy Holidays. xx
Rugged Comfort
Coco said…
I love those booties Emmy, fantastic! My best wishes to you and your family!
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi
Josie said…
Those trousers look perfect! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Emmy x

Josie’s Journal

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