Where the moon boots come out

no-name cardigan, F21 shirt, no-name leggings, Dior moon boots
 Look who tried to come out and photo bomb me!

Happy Monday, y'all! Is there tons of snow where you are?


Elle Sees said…
LOVE your moonboots!! i see her hiding!
Unknown said…
These are so awesome!
Jax said…
I love the boots....but I rly rly love that sweater. It looks like a very warm and cozy outfit.
Fun moonboots! Love your long cardi too!
Jane said…
love your boots!!
LV said…
that is a great looking striped cardigan. I love it!
Whoa look at those boots! I've never seen anything like this before. Do you all wear boots like this in the snow? Clearly by my question it doesn't snow or get cold were I live lol!

rooth said…
Your feet must be majorly toasty in those!
Anonymous said…
Moon boots! I used to have a vibrant pink pair :-) But then I accidentally poked my snow stick through it... Now I have snow boots from Puma. I like your outfit, Emmy, you look great.
The moon boots are so awesome!
:( no snow here!! Those boots look so warm!!
No snow here so far, woot-woot! But if it starts, I've located my moon boots last weekend :-)
Josie said…
Those boots look perfect for the snow! We don't have any here, I'm sure it's not far off though x

Josie’s Journal
Hena Tayeb said…
no snow yet.. love the long cardigan.
those are cool emmy! it's in the 60's here. LOL
Lancy Cv said…
Aww the boots are awesome!!
How adorable, I love the photo bomb, lol. Your cardigan looks very cosy and lovely. I can hardly believe Christmas is coming around the corner! :) xx
Detox Days
365HANGERS said…
Those boots are the coolest, wishing it could be colder so we could rock them in LA lol

xx 365hangers
Beauty said…
Great outfit; I love that cardigan; the stripes and the length is so cool. Most of the snow has melted down here but the cold is going nowhere for now...:-)
your boots look very cute and warm! I might end up buying Ugg since it is so cold for me here >//<
Unknown said…
[ Smiles ] Those boots look good on you!
Beauty Follower said…
Cool boots
and the stripped cardigan even cooler :)

Ananya said…
U look stunning.. Love ur outfit

Would u like a Follow for a Follow ??
his_girl_friday said…
Just flurries here! Loving your stripes!
Miu said…
There's barely enough snow to cover the ground!
I think you got all of it :D

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