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I've been wearing this hat pretty much non-stop this winter, so much so that I forget I have it on. One time, hubby has to point out that I'm still wearing it around the house after being home for awhile...heh!

hat I knitted, Hudson Bay coat, top from Aritzia, jeans from Target, Ugg Australia boots
Do you have an item you wear daily?


This hat coordinates perfectly with that cool hair of yours Emmy :) I wear my Orly Kiely hat the most.

Rowena @ rolala loves
Adam said…
nice outfit

soon Daisy will be watch the one where Renly dies. I will say out of the series so far, his demise was the most convenient and just plain easy. Funny how shadow child just ceases to exist after that.
Unknown said…
Your outfit is so cute! I love the coat!
It's such a cosy looking style. I love and collect hats, so I can understand, especially since it's winter. I have been cold all month, lol. Love your coat Emmy, it's a beautiful colour and nice style! xx/Madison
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Nequéren Reis said…
Casaco lindo amo essa cor amei as imagens, tenha um final de semana abençoado.
Vídeo Novo: https://www.youtube.com/user/NekitaReis/channel
Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br
Unknown said…
[ Smiles ] Don't hide your beautiful hair all of the time.
Beauty said…
The hat and coat look so comfy; I love the colors. If I had a comfy and pretty looking hat like that, I would wear it all the time too. However, I'm sure a lot of people would miss your beautiful hair though...:-).

Have a great weekend.
The hat is very cute! I have a tendency to wear my hat around the house, too :)
Hmmm I don't know if I wear something daily, daily. I do wear the same gold ball earrings if that counts lol. But come to think of it I have been slipping into these leopard slides I brought on sale a few weeks back...

Jax said…
You knitted that? I am impressed!! I love my black leggings. I wear them everywhere, even work because they are really comfy and help hide my belly... hahaha
HaHa Emmy! That is hat love girl! I stay in socks at home. My feet stay so cold. Big 30 degree below socks LIVING IN NEW ORLEANS! One time I had them on and the UPS man looked at me like OKKKKKKKKK. LOL
Ann said…
That is such a cool looking hat or as the kids call it beanie. It looks so good on you. And I love your red jacket too.

Hmmm... can lipstick count as something I wear everyday?

Have a nice day.
Anonymous said…
I definitely have some pieces in my wardrobe that would wear every day if I could :-) Have a nice weekend, Emmy!
Unknown said…
That coat is so nice! Love that popping red color, looks awesome :)
Coco said…
Red looks great on you doll! And the hat is perfect!
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi
This is such a lovely and interesting read! Have an awesome new week! :)

Imke said…
You look really great!

June said…
Its adorable and looks perfect with your hair color :)
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Unknown said…
Love the coat!
Such a lovely colour :)
debra mejia said…
If you wear it everyday, it must be a comfy-cozy hat:) I wear a necklace that my mom gave me when I was a teenager, almost everyday.
Coco said…
Happy new week Emmy
Imogen said…
I love this coat, it looks perfect on you, nothing better than a red coat.
Elle Sees said…
shoot if i had your skills i would wear that hat all the time too!!
Jane said…
i like wearing my knit hats around the house too! :D
Shon said…
It looks wonderful on you! I would wear it around all day too! I love your beanie, keep up the great knitting!
rooth said…
I have a few slouchy beanies that I'd love to wear to work but unfortunately it's not dress code - womp womp
I can't pull off the slouchy beanie like you can. I've tried but my head is just shaped weird I guess.

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