We were at Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto yesterday for some shopping time...woot!

North Face jacket, Zara sweater, Love Child pants, Ugg Australia boots, Fjällräven backpack, hat I knitted
There was an autograph session with some of the players of the Toronto Blue Jays (our baseball team). Lookie at the lineup behind me!

This was the crowd when the players left. They were giving away some swag. There was still a long lineup!
How was your weekend, guys?


That's quite the crowd, did you manage to get some shopping done?
Josie said…
Wow look at all those people! I wish my weekend had involved shopping haha x

Josie’s Journal
Boo Blue Jays! I once watched the Yankees play against them at Rogers Center. Cute beanie!
Jax said…
Love the long coat!!! My hubby liveess in North Face. So warm and cozy. :)
woo dang that's a lot of people!
Adam said…
I've only been to an MLB game once, for my favorite team the Braves. Even though it's our local team, it's 3 hours away in Atlanta.

Also Daisy is now two episodes into the 2nd season of GoT
Beauty Follower said…
I have never seen a baseball match cause the sport is not famous in Greece... but i would love to see an visit Toronto!

(still sunny in Athens , booooring)

Have a great start of the week :)
Vision By Mila said…
I want shopping, I want out! Will it happen? Nope! :D
Anonymous said…
That's quite the line-up there, yes! I'd get nervous in a big crowd like that, lol. But you seem pretty chill ;-)
Very cool. We saw the Blue Jays one year when we visited Toronto. I love your coat, I'm sure it keeps you very warm. x Have a great week Emmy.
Weekend Brunch
Elle Sees said…
ooh i'd get overwhelmed in the crowds!! hehe. happy weekend to you.
June said…
I am dying to go shopping as the sales are on everywhere but am waiting for the last week for drastic deductions
Keep in touch
That was definitely a line! HaHaHa At least that team KNOW the fans are behind them 100%! A good fan base is always important for the success of a team. You looked too cute Emmy!
Hena Tayeb said…
whoa.. that is crazy.
rooth said…
Oh you look so warm and cozy. Hope you came away from the mall with some goodies
Jane said…
Amazing! I'll always remember the Blue Jays for beating the Braves in the world series back in the nineties (I was a Braves fan). But I do remember Roberto Alomar. #12 was it? He was a good ball player!
I haven't been shopping for like ages due to work loads! I have heard that Canada is really cold, isn't it!? Take care!

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