Influence: Lenny Kravitz

He just looks amazing ALL THE TIME.
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Who's your style icon lately?


Josie said…
He's such an icon! Only he could pull these looks off though. My favourite is the giant scarf, could definitely do with one of those right now! x

Josie’s Journal
Hello, how are you doing? We present a handsome boy! They are super stylish models. Guys with great style. I love the scarf this down forming a loop.A kiss. And happy new year.
He really has a way of making certain looks that would probably be ridiculous on other dudes totally work on him. I think his self confidence helps too :) I'm loving Sienna Miller's style lately.
Why you got my man on your page Emmy? LMAOOOOOO I love Lenny Kravitz. He is so cool! Lisa Bonet had the best of BOTH men! Lenny and Jason Momoa! I want what SHE has! LOL He did have a place in New Orleans. In the French Quarter. I don't know why I was never invited. HAHAHAHAHA
I agree, he has always been cool and has brilliant style. Beautiful! :) Haha, love Kim's comment! <3
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He does always look amazing!
Beauty Follower said…
Yes he does ;)
Anonymous said…
Lenny is a FOX. He's so sexy. And a great dresser.
June said…
He's pretty cool! I agree! SWAG!
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Adam said…
to answer your question earlier, Daisy is liking season 2. She keeps trying to get me to tell her what happens.

also I don't think I've ever shared this joke with you. But there is one king in Game of Thrones that nobody recognized as the monarch. Jorah Mormont is the king of the friend-zone.
Unknown said…
Yes, yes he does. THANK YOU for this post :)

Emma | Fluff and Fripperies
Elle Sees said…
seriously love him! he just seems so cool and laid back.
Coco said…
He's super hot Emmy, totally agree with you!
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Jax said…
While he is really hot and does have great style....I totally giggled at him in that gigantic scarf. Hahahaha
uppmake said…
Ah he looks amazing wherever and whenever he goes out .. so stylish :)
I wish Lenny would give some style advise to the Dutch boys :-) But then again, he would still look amazing in a potato sack!
mmm mmm that's a good lookin' dude!
LV said…
I am a fan of Lenny Kravitz too and he is sexy beyond words.

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