Baby, it's cold outside.

Guys, I tried to take some pics outside yesterday, but our camera literally froze and refused to was a nice -38 windchill, y'all!

What I feel about this winter...

In case you were wondering about my awesome outfit....
Adidas jacket and sneakers, no-name grey shirt, American Eagle jeans
We decided just to take some more indoor pics..heehee...


With subzero windchills it's just better to stay in. Looks like you and the kiddos had fun :)
The camera froze? Yikes! That is cold! Stay warm inside today!
I feel you dear, my flights have been cancelled twice. Just cosy up and have a cuppa + play your ukulele. haha. Love your colourful hair. xx/Madison
Vision By Mila said…
Looking good you all! We have mild weather, 0 / -5, so not too bad, but no sun.. I like the (new?) hair color.. I'm going on the 26th to color mine, I have to drop the highlights, they make my hair so dry.. I'll go for some light brown, maybe with red subtones. Will see.
I'll stop complaining about the temperatures we're having over here right now!
Unknown said…
Wow, I can't believe your camera froze...that windchill is so crazy! Love the photos...stay warm! :)
Beauty Follower said…
You kidding me... and i was just going to tell you that the weather is really cold in Athens (5oC lol).
I like your second photo... nice portrait ;)
Love those adidas jacket!!!!
Adam said…
we can't complain down here. I think we are about 40 degrees right now, which is a little above zero in Celsius
Julianne said…
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Wow. Too cold. Thanks for sharing.

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Anonymous said…
I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I am jealous! We had a pretty great winter but then a week ago all of a sudden temperatures shot up and they're now above zero :-(
Unknown said…
I don't know how you handle that level of cold - I would just want to hibernate through winter! Loving that colour in your hair btw xx

Emma | Fluff and Fripperies
Hena Tayeb said…
yup.. our garage doors froze... couldn't get the cars out.
Unknown said…
Awe! Your family is too cute and happy!! I can relate to you -- I've just been to Asia where it's practically a hundred degrees everyday and am now back in England. So looking forward to Spring!!

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omg I think I can't live in Canada, maybe just visiting then!
Unknown said…
Gosh, that is cold!
Cannot wait for Spring to arrive xox
Coco said…
What??? I hadn't realised it was that cold there!! Your hair looks gorgeous. Spring come soon!!!!!
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi
sydni said…
i'm so sorry to see that temperature..
Whoa! Is that in Celsius? That is pretty cold if it is. We have family in Ontario and when my mum calls her cousins this time of year they always talk about temperatures like this. I guess seeing is believing right.

Shon said…
Ouch, I will not complain then about our chilly weather here.

I love the violet hues in your hair and the kids are the cutest always!!

Cheers friend!!
That is just way too cold!
oh my word emmy! -38!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand why it froze up. Keep warm inside girl! Love your sporty outfit :D
Josie said…
Oh my goodness! And I thought it was cold where I am haha! x

Josie’s Journal
rooth said…
I've missed seeing the kiddos' bright shining faces!
Jane said…
omg.. i can't believe your camera wouldn't work.. it's coool!

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