Daily grind

Another typical outfit...still cold, of course, so...yeah....
North Face jacket, sweatshirt and jeans from Hot Topic, Ugg Australia boots

Anyhoo, hope you're having a lovely day wherever you are:)


Boris Estebitan said…
Me encantan las calaveritas, lindo look :)
Anonymous said…
Super cute sweater!
Josie said…
Roll on Summer eh? At least you can keep warm in that coat and those boots, they look super cosy x

Josie’s Journal
Love the cute graphics on your top. Yes this cold weather is getting tired.

Rowena @ rolala loves
Jane said…
have a lovely day, too! and we need spring! but i think we're getting another round of snow! ack!
How cold it is in Canada!? It must be really really cold there! I also love your boots bc they look very warm!
Mihaela Pojogu said…
Even I'm not a fun of skulls your sweater is so cute that I can wear it myself. :))
What a cute outfit, girly!
Hena Tayeb said…
love the sweat shirt!
Unknown said…
Such a cute outfit! I love the North Face jacket...it looks so warm and cozy!

Oh to Be a Muse said…
Happy belated Chinese New Year, my dear. Hope it starts to warm up soon for you.

Have you been enjoying The Walking Dead?

June said…
Hello! how you been? I'm finally back to the blog!
Unknown said…
Love the top :)
Ooh, I also love the little drawings on your jeans, very sweet xox
Adam said…
nice outfit

already done with season 4. I'm actually kind of glad someone warned me about Oberyn Martell's death. That's probably the grossest death in the series so far.

I surprised Tyrion didn't try to say "c'mon that was a draw".

Also lol at the "Your sister" part. Lysa should have knew that was coming.
Still cold! I hope it heats up slightly for you, even by a degree or so, I'm sure that would make a difference. Somewhat.

Emmy, it's cold here! So I can only imagine the temps there. LOVE your sweater! Its so cute! Love your jeans! YOu rock girl!
Imogen said…
Such an adorable top
Beauty Follower said…
Great sweater shirt, I don't know that brand
but I love that fun print!

Greets from Greece :)
Imke said…
Love your sweatshirt! It looks good on you!

XO Imke
uppmake said…
You are such a positive person. Lovey set :)
Elle Sees said…
love the skulls!! i almost write skullz...hehe.
What a cute sweatshirt!
You look cute, and you deserve a medal for being outside without a coat :-)

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