Ned Stark was right!

"Winter is coming"...well, it's here and kicking our butt. We are in the north of Westeros, ladies and gents.
(Sorry for all the Game of Thrones reference. It just seems appropriate:D)

Danier jacket, BCBG hoodie with Wilfred top inside, pants from Target, Ugg Australia boots 

What our street regularly looks like BEFORE the snow falls...heh! 
Happy Monday, everyone!


Adam said…
I'd bet the Yukon would be The Lands of Always Winter
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Cute jacket. If winter's gonna come then it might as well bring GoT with it! April is too far away.
That's alot of snow! I really wish winter would just go away already!
Winter is definitely here! I love your outfit. Those pants are absolutely gorgeous.
Unknown said…
Cute outfit, and I love the winter scenery...looks amazing!
Girl, if I saw all that snow I would have a bear on my back, chipmunk ear muffs and a possum around my neck! It kills me how you guys wear just jackets. Fifty degrees and we wear coats. HAHAHAHA Love those leopard pants Emmy!
LV said…
I cannot even imagine living in such a cold climate..brrrrrr

Beauty Follower said…
Fun text :)
Wow cool snowy photo!
Well today winter bit Athens too!
rooth said…
Ooof now that's cold! We haven't gotten snow in Texas yet!
Anonymous said…
It's starting to thaw here :-( So sad. I am not ready for winter to be over yet!
Elle Sees said…
before the snow?? yikes!!!!
What a cute jacket! Your street looks a lot like mine. SO much snow!
Coco said…
With those leopard psnts you can kick winter's ass :-) thank you for all the lovely comments Ems.
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi
cute and nice girl
new post:
Amely Rose said…
wow what a cute entry
follow for follow?

Hoffe du schaust auch mal bei mir vorbei <3
Jane said…
oh my gosh! so much snow! we have had snowfall but not much accumulated thank goodness.
Love the jacket! It's right up my alley. The snow not so much :-)
winter may be kicking your butt but you sure are kicking back with your cuteness!!!
We are a sucker for a great jacket! love that one!
Vision By Mila said…
Are you getting buried in snow?
Miu said…
And I'd say you are definitely right with your outfit!

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