Taylor Swift's "Style"- Ukulele Cover (Video alert!)

It all went downhill pretty quickly...you've been warned. Anyhoo, Happy Easter! :D


Elle Sees said…
omg this is the cutest thing ever!! so glad you uploaded! she has gotten so big!! i love her personality. she needs a mic! happy easter, y'all!
Anonymous said…
SO ADORABLE I AM MELTING IN MY CHAIR :-D More of this, Emmy! And one of you solo too, please... :-)
How cute is this! Totally made me smile!
Jane said…
So cute! I love these videos you do! It's been a while! :)
So cute! Hope you all have a happy Easter!
Beauty Follower said…
Love how the red heart on your little one's tee, matches with the white apple on red lol :)

Lovely video! Happy Easter guys :)
Beauty said…
Happy Easter to you too Emmy; have a great weekend.
Adam said…
Style is probably my favorite song from Swift's 1989.

Your daughter has great speech skills for her age. Most people sound really nervous the first time they talk to the interwebs.
Emmy, this was just too cute for words! Your daughter is so cute and has such a fun personality. Love her I Love Vancouver tshirt. You guys have a great weekend.
Unknown said…
Oh wow, this is so cute! I love this video! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter! :)

Imogen said…
You're accents are the best, so adorable! I especially love this because it is a great song!!
Vision By Mila said…
Aaaah! You too are so cute! We want more, we want more!
Coco said…
Happy Easter to you and your lovely family Emmy <3
Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi
rooth said…
Best video I've watched all week! Happy Easter!!
Josie said…
Emmy I loved this so much! Your little girl cracks me up! I hope you all had a lovely Easter x

Josie’s Journal
I'm not familiar with that song but that was crazy cute!!!
Ahhhh this was the cutest! Star in the making!


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