To the extreme

Well, after complaining that we were having a cold spring, Mother Nature listened and now, it's been super hot and humid! It's like she just said, " You want hot? I'll give you hot!"

H20 tank top, H&M pants, Vans slip-ons (It was so bright when this was taken I was trying hard not to squint:P)

Hope you're getting some nice weather, too:D


Nice shoes! It's really cold over here. I am actually considering making a hot water bottle at the moment.... I also ordered a coat for summer, but think I'll send it back straight away and exchange it for a hat and gloves. Part of me believes we'll fast forward to fall, waiting having seen any sun :-(
Anonymous said…
Haha, from one extreme to the other then huh? :-)
Unknown said…
We are getting some major humid, stormy weather here in Texas...not a huge fan of it. Also I'm loving the cute!
It's crazy how that works! It's like spring never happened....we just went right into summer! Love this outfit. You look fab :)
Mother Nature is so crazy! HaHaHa She has turned on the heat and humidity here too Emmy! Stay cool doll. You look great :D
Adam said…
nice shoes

I got a new Game of Thrones shirt from JCpenny, but it's black so I've haven't been too keen on wearing it as much during the hot summer time
Josie said…
Aw lucky! It's gonna rain here tomorrow haha x

Josie’s Journal
Ha, why is Mother Nature always so extreme? Awesome pants :)
Elle Sees said…
hehe i love that! you want hot, oh you got it!
Unknown said…
Love those H&M pants, they look perfect for the heat! Have a great weekend x
Jane said…
lol! i love your pants!!
Beauty Follower said…
Cool Vans slip-ons!
Unknown said…
Love the style you're wearing!
Have a great week end!
Natallia Jolliet
Unknown said…
Cute outfit!
Have a nice week end!
Photographer Gil Zetbase
I had a pair of checkered vans about ten years ago. I wore then until they pretty much just fell apart on my feet.
Unknown said…
Loving the shoes!
Ahahahaha! Don't you love when that happens. I felt the same about the cold. I brought a new jacket and wanted to wear it but it was too warm for it last week. Today though is freezing and I wasn't prepared. Grrr.

Imke said…
Here in London the weather is still so-so! Not really impressed but oh well :) You look amazing!

XO Imke //
Miu said…
We're also having some very warm weather right now :)
rooth said…
It's turned hot here, almost over night. Loving the summer weather, hating the summer bugs

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