For all seasons

I love that you can wear knitted items any time of the year. This top I knitted is made out of cotton/rayon yarn, so very wearable during the warmer months:)

top I knitted over a Topshop tank, old pants from Target, Converse sneakers


Beauty Follower said…
Adam said…
looks good

I can't wait until GOT season five is over so I can get HBO and watch it all in 3 days
I love that you have knitwear you can enjoy even when the weather is warm! Gorgeous.
Jane said…
love it emmy!!
I so love this. Thank you for sharing and have a great day! :)

Lovely creation, homemade?
Dana Paramita said…
Just found ur blog and u r so beautiful!(;
Anyway mind to follow each other my dear?
Ive followed u, would u please follow me back?<3
Thanks xx
That top is so pretty! Your knitting skills are impressive :)
Beauty said…
You are so good and creative at knitting. I like the top; such a lovely color and cool texture.
Have a great weekend.
Elle Sees said…
you did an excellent job!!
Well done Emmy, I love the knitted top. <3 :)
Handmade Potpourri
Unknown said…
Oh wow, your knitted top is beautiful!
Imogen said…
Amazing top and even better that you made it!
June said…
So well made Em! I love the muscle tee style and fit!! Great job :)
Anonymous said…
I really like the knitted top, Emmy!
It's pretty! Looks great on you :)
Hena Tayeb said…
looks great.. i love creating layer looks
Miu said…
Omg, that's so cool!
Vision By Mila said…
So I can see I've missed thousands of posts of yours and not only. Where is my free time?? Complaining aside, I like your knitted top, you talented Missy. I wish I could knit too, it's HUGE in Finland, everybody knits everywhere, crazy! I should send you some magazines.

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