The epicness of dinosaurs

I still remember watching the original Jurassic Park movie in the theatre, guys. Ever since, I've been a big fan of the the series. And now, with having little kids, I can share the love of dinosaurs with them. :D

My middle child, especially, had been so excited for the Jurassic World to come out that he started a count down since the beginning of the year. I promised him we'd see it on opening day, so of course, I pulled the boys out of school on Friday so we could watch it! Bwahaha!

Looking oh so cool with our 3D glasses

Needless to say, we all loved it. Just a great entertaining movie, and the dinosaurs.....the dinosaurs!!!!! I loved that  climactic scene when there's a battle between...well, no spoilers here. Let's just! The human characters were a bit of a stereotype, but the dinosaurs more than made up for that...and well, Chris Pratt was okay to look at, too...ahem....

Can we talk about the awesomeness of Bryce Dallas Howard running in heels throughout the movie?!?!

I give this movie two thumbs up.:D

PS We had to give him this book.

Have you seen this movie? What movies have you seen lately that you've liked?


LanasArtStudio said…
I see another Alabama fan! Have a lovely Sunday ... we are in the movie roll today!!!!
Adam said…
I waiting until probably next week to see it.

Also I got HBO since Game of Thrones ends tonight. I finished the episode Unbowed Unbent and Unbroken. I heard critical opinion dropped because of something that happened to Sansa.

I honestly think everyone overreacted. I was expecting Ramsay Bolton to kill her or torture her or something. I heard some people vowed not to watch the show again, but what he did to Sansa was nothing compared to when he hunted that other girl and then the part with the dogs.

I should be able to finish episode 9 before episode 10 airs tonight.
Unknown said…
Amazing post!
Have a nice week end!
Photographer Gil Zetbase
Wanna watch this movie so bad! Happy Monday dear! :)

STYLEFORMANKIND.COM / Facebook / Bloglovin
I am curious about this one, I haven't seen a movie in ages. I've spent most of the weekend binge watching Call the midwife.
I haven't been to the theater in over five years. I had no idea there was a new Jurassic Park thing going on. Heeeeeeeeh.
Glad to hear you and the kiddos enjoyed it. This film looks intense from the commercials. We don't watch movies in the theatre that often since I'm thrifty haha. The last film we saw there was The Avengers Age of Ultron.

Rowena @ rolala loves
Anonymous said…
Aw, the kids look so excited :-) I definitely want to see the movie! What I've seen so far looks really good! Also: Chris Pratt.
Elle Sees said…
i will definitely be checking it out!
Swati said…
I love movies with dinosaurs in them....and I am definitely going to watch jurassic park :-)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I saw Jurassic World over the weekend as well. It was pretty good. Like you, I think the human characters were way too stereotypical. That really bothers me. But the dinos were pretty cool, especially the climactic dino fight! So glad your boys loved it!

And did you see the GoT finale? I wanted to throw something at the TV.
Hena Tayeb said…
that sounds like fun. the last movie we saw at the theater was Gone Girl.. this might be a bit scary for D i think.. though M and I had been really in the mood to go check it out..
I'm a fan too Emmy! I remember all of the original ones and was so excited to hear about this one. I can't wait to see it. You are one of those cool parents! They're so lucky! Glad everyone had a great time. I'll be seeing it soon.
Unknown said…
So fun! I really need to see this movie!
How fun! The movie looks awesome :)
Imogen said…
This looks really husband totally loves dinosaurs.
rooth said…
Most awesome mom ever! Saw it this weekend and totally agree with you about Bryce Dallas Howard!
Vision By Mila said…
So, having a boy, I'm gonna be dragged to aaaaall these movies I'm not really a fan of, eh? :D Maybe daddy goes instead. Well, me too, for the usual cinema popcorn, icecream & other goodies, I will sacrifice myself.
Jane said…
You are the best mom ever! :)
Unknown said…
Absolutely loved this movie! So glad you and your family liked it too :)

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