Summer days, drifting away

For those who have been reading my blog awhile now, you know how I always complain about summer being so short. It's because I really do love spending time with the kids, and getting to do all the fun stuff with them. We're lucky enough to live close by to some of the city's attractions like the zoo, so we go there a lot!

Here are some of our shenanigans:)
Pratting #1 (as in Chris Pratt in Jurassic World...mwahaha)

Pratting #2 (There were turtles in there. I swear!)

digging for dinos


She's in the two-thumbs-up stage....

How have you been spending your summer so far?


Looks like you guys had lots of fun, and I love the Harry Potter t-shirt! So far we haven't had many warm days, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the end of this week, I will have a four day weekend :-)
Unknown said…
Your children are so cute!
Looks like you guys are having lots of fun :)
Sharon said…
Your children look so cute and happy! I love it :) And the panda is adorable!
Now that you mention it, summer is already almost half over isn't it. Your's is looking pretty fun. Smiling kiddos are always a good thing :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
Jane said…
Pratting! I love it!! lol and you always seem to have such wonderful time with your kids! So great to see!
Absolutely beautiful moments Emmy! The time you spend together and moments you capture will be cherished forever. Kids remember those things. Fabulous zoo! It's awesome you live nearby. Makes it so much easier.
Beauty Follower said…
This summer is a bit awkward in Greece...
Last night though I had my first swim under the moon ;)
The zoo and the beach look like fun! It's been so rainy here I haven't done fun things like go to the zoo, but hopefully the sun will come out soon :)
Summer is definitely too short....but I am glad you have been making happy memories!
Imogen said…
This looks so fun and it is beautiful to see. I always adore seeing your family. I love the zoo too but haven't been for ages, the pandas are pretty amazing.
IamSuperMelski said…
What a beautiful family! I love all your smiles! It's great to check out your blog again. You look fab, as always!
rooth said…
Your summer looks like it's been two thumbs up. How hot has it been up there?
Adam said…
I'd really like to visit a zoo with a polar bear and/or panda bear
Vision By Mila said…
We're having such a nasty weather, clouds, rain.. my dresses are resting in the closet, I've ordered jeans and a jacket online, though was planning to get more dresses. But no.
Daleian said…
This post made me so happy! I love the Pratt poses! So awesome! :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Yay, summer cool! I want to see a panda! And I love the back of your shirt.
June said…
Very cute pics! Must have been such a fun day! Your kids are getting tall so fast Em :)
Unknown said…
This post is so cute! It looks like summer days have been so much fun! :)
"Pratting"! Ha! I love that. I think you and your kids are going to set a new trend by naming it that. Unless it's already been coined it in the first place looool!


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