Inspiration: 80's Madonna

Let us all bask in the glory of the Madge before she became a workout fiend.






from glamour

Are you a Madonna fan?


Tijana said…
It is really great blog!
Adam said…
I don't really like or hate her
Unknown said…
Haha oh the 80s, a decade of very wild hair! I think Madonna looked really cool back then! :)

Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog
I like Madonna, but I don't really listen to her new music.
Unknown said…
Awesome pics!
Have a great day!
Natallia Jolliet
Swati said…
nice compilation dear...
Elle Sees said…
love the roundup--such a trend setter!!
This was definitely Madonna at her best. I haven't really followed her much into the 90's and beyond.
Coco said…
I must tell you Im not a lover of the Eighties. Boh hug dear!! Baci,
Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi
I loved the 80's!!! I loved Madonna's style and adventurism. She still pushes the envelope.
Beauty Follower said…
at that time I was lol!
I remember most of my classmate in Halloween, were dressing up ''Madonna''!
I'm always amazed by the way Madonna is able to reinvent herself :)
Imogen said…
Definitely an icon
Marianne said…
Love the inspiration! Even if i wouldn't dress like Madonna i so respect the courage she has! :) That inspires me the most: confidence. :)
I'm following you now. Would love if you do the same? xx

Marianne // Picture Me
Josie said…
She's nuts but I do quite like Madonna! x

Josie’s Journal
I actually prefer 80's Madonna to today Madonna. I love her wildness back then, the rebellion and messages she tried to portray and the rules she broke. These days it's overly tired though.

Unknown said…
That's amazing!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava
I am the big fan of 80's look Madonna!

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