The Delphine

I mentioned in a post that I just bought a sewing machine, and since then, I've tried to squeeze in small projects here and there as much as I can. Hemming pants and curtains, making little bags and a pencil case....Well, guys, I thought it was time to sew a garment I can actually wear.

I decided to use the Delphine skirt pattern from the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly and the Buttons.
I love my Janome, y'all! 
The book comes with full-sized patterns printed on both sides of a large paper. I traced my size onto tissue papers to preserve the original.

Here it was after seaming the sides and now trying to attach the waist band. I used a cheap craft cotton fabric from Michael's because this was technically the toile (like a "first draft").

Did so many things for the first time for this skirt, such as using an interfacing.

 Although I'm not a perfectionist, I really wanted the seams to be aligned, which was not as easy for me to accomplish. Hence, I had to do some ripping coz I knew the misalignment would drive me bonkers. Well, this was what I ended up with...
My finished Delphine...weeeee!
My invisible zipper is not that invisible, and the waistband got moved somehow so one is slightly higher. The inside is also pretty wonky, but I sewed a skirt! Right!?!?
(For those of you who've been sewing for awhile, don't laugh! :P)

I tucked in my top so you can see the fit on me.

You bet I wore it while out and about even though it's a toile because...well, I just made a skirt!
With Gap jacket and tank top, Converse shoes, Fossil bag

I highly recommend Love At First Stitch to everyone. Everything is so clearly written and very easy to follow. This skirt took me two days just because I had to go to my dealer and buy an invisible zipper foot for the machine, but you can certainly whip this out in a day if you have all the stuff handy (and probably in an hour if you're experienced:D)

Being a beginner, I've been devouring all the sewing books I can get my hands on, and these are my fave:)
1) Love At First Stitch (of course)
2) Diana Rupp's Sew Everything Workshop
3) Reader's Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing (This is the library copy, but I'll be buying my own copy soon.)
4) The Sewing Book (not pictured) is a good reference book as well.
I found a super nice sewing teacher who does private lessons, so fingers crossed I can set up an appointment with her soon and learn in a more hands-on way.

Do any of you sew? I'm kinda in love with it now. Knitting and sewing...what more can a girl want?

Speaking of knitting, this is the latest thing I've knitted: a school vest for my daughter:)
Happy Monday, everyone!


Looks pretty good for a first project! I'm sure your sewing skills will only improve as you do more :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
Awesome! I only sew things that don't cause a big disaster when they fall apart :-) (like pillowcases, tablecloths and baskets).
Valerie said…
Love your new skirt and your daughter's school pretty! I have a sewing machine, but it has been such a long time since I've sewed! I really need to get back into it! :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I don't sew so this looks pretty great to me. I love the way it looks when you wear it.
Beauty Follower said…
Nice job ;)
Liked also the blue knitted vest your little girl is wearing!

Have a lovely new week :)
Beauty said…
Happy Monday Emmy; you did a great job with the skirt and I love the way you styled it and wore it out and about. Very cute..Your daughter is very adorable too in the pics; have a great week.
Hena Tayeb said…
you did a great job
LV said…
Wow! Not bad at all. I have always wanted to learn how to sew, but I suck at it
Adam said…
it's cool that you made it yourself
Vanessa said…
That came out beautiful! :) I have got to brush up on my sewing skills.
rooth said…
Congrats on your skirt but your daughter is the scene stealer once again in that vest :)
Woah go you! You made a skirt all right and I love how proud you are of it to even wear it out immediately. I am hopeless with a needle and thread, though i can sew a button and close up tears lol. Sewing machines completely foreign and alien to me, using them is akin to brain surgery in my opinion. I'd rather leave that to the pro's!

Imogen said…
So impressed by this, looks amazing and sewing is such a skill to have. I bought some material to make a pink velvet skirt because I've been looking for one for years but can never find one. It will be such a challenge but I really want to do it.
Unknown said…
that is such a beautiful skirt you made with this machine :D love it totally

Elle Sees said…
i think it looks great!!! i bought a sewing machine and it is just sitting there...taunting me!
Coco said…
I wish I lived close to you to take advantage of your remarkable sewing skills. Shame on me!! Baci,
Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi
Such an awesome post. I absolutely adore this. Happy Wednesday dear! :)

Instant Milk said…
Cute skirt! Wow, I wish I could get a sewing machine and just start making stuff! I bought one a couple of years ago... It was used and it didn't work well so I threw it away recently.

Unknown said…
Amazing items!
Have a great evening!
Natallia Jolliet
You did an awesome job Emmy! The skirt looks so good on you and I love your daughters vest! Didn't I see some pajamas on social media that you made? GORGEOUS! I wish I could sew! to make whatever you like is PRICELESS.
How exciting that you're learning to sew! The skirt is very cute :)
Anonymous said…
You did a great job, Emmy! I wish I knew how to knit and sew.
Unknown said…
Aww, this is lovely! Great job you clever lady :)
Vision By Mila said…
Where do you find time to do things? And I only have 1 kid! I like the skirt, the vest too, I need to buy one vest for Lukas, cold days are coming, it will come in handy. And I don't knit.

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