High fashun?

I may be the worst blogger when it comes to outfit posts. I pretty much live in shirts and jeans especially the past few years, and I also don't buy a lot of clothes/accessories (relatively speaking) so everything is always on repeat.

So why is there "Fashion Lover" in my blog name, you ask? Well, I do love clothes not just for their obvious utilitarian purpose but also as a representation of a designer's artistic abilities. I may not live in the world of Vogue with a budget for high-end clothes and such, but I can still appreciate them for their beauty... while wearing my beloved shirt and jeans....:)

old shirt from West 49, American Eagle jeans, Vans slip ons

with a Nike jacket

So warm and cushy:)
What does "fashion" mean to you?


Coco said…
You have your unique style Emmy and I love you for being effortlessly stylish. Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi
Unknown said…
Great look!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava
Beauty said…
You have a great style Emmy and you are very original in your outfits; distressed denim, tees, knits and that fabulous hair. And whenever you dress up, you look great too in the dressy outfit; that is style right there. It is not all about the labels or high end pieces.
Have a great weekend.
I feel the same way Emmy! We don't have to wear high fashion to be able to appreciate it :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
A tee and jeans will always be a classic look in my book :)
Same here chick chick! I don't have a big wardrobe (and don't care for one) LOL but I love keeping up with fashion.
Beauty Editer said…
This is such a lovely post! Have a great weekend dear.

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Oh to Be a Muse said…
I also think fashion lover is in your blog name because, unlike a lot of bloggers (myself included), you can actually make clothes! :)

Valerie said…
I love your style Emmy! I totally appreciate fashion as well because I do feel like it is a form of beautiful art! Also I'm loving that Nike jacket!

Linda said…
I love your style, and you are so photogenic! Beautiful! :)
Anonymous said…
See, I am the same. I practically live in my skinny jeans and leather jackets. But I do appreciate high fashion. I just don't wear it myself.
Imogen said…
That's what I love the most about fashion blogging- the people like you and me.
Unknown said…
Lovely outfit!
Have a nice evening!
Gil Zetbase
Beauty Follower said…
Well i do wear tees, jeans & sneakers /slip ons almost every day too ;)
Hena Tayeb said…
I agree.. fashion is subjective and doesn't mean expensive and high end.
Vision By Mila said…
You have the comfiest clothes! Pretty much my style as well.
Jane said…
oh but i do love the white tee and jeans combo :)

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