I sewed more outfits...mwahaha!

The pattern for the little one's dress is this one, and my dress is the Megan pattern from the book Love At First Stitch.
My boots are Joe's Jeans:)

 She wanted a dress with pockets.

It's supposed to be a button at the back, but I did a hook-and-eye instead.

I made the dress shorter coz I'm vertically-challenged...ahem....

I like the fullness of the sleeves:)

Happy Monday, and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians:)


Totally adorable you two! I love wearing dresses over jeans :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I love this twinsies look. She is super smart to want pockets on her dress. Those are the best!
Love seeing your creations! And I like the fabric you choose, and dresses with pockets rock :-)
Valerie said…
You all look so beautiful! I love the print on the pretty!
I'm gone a month and you've gotten cuter! Love the outfits. Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm gone a month and you've gotten cuter! Love the outfits. Happy Thanksgiving!
jenny said…
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Vision By Mila said…
That little one is a cutie! I think she should model!
Anonymous said…
MORE OF THIS PLEASE! You guys are just too darn cute :-)
Elle Sees said…
what cuties you are!! love this.
Unknown said…
Lady, you got SKILLZ!!!!
Unknown said…
You both look so cute!
Loving the matching outfits xox
Adam said…
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving
Linda said…
I love that top and you both look gorgeous! :)
omg'sh! you two look so cute! that little dress you made for her is precious.
Imogen said…
I love it when you are matching. Also your hair looks incredible- you totally need to show us how to get it like that.
Ahhh OMG yes! Twinsies! I love this tunic top on both of you!

Unknown said…
Fantastic dresses! I would say they have lovely hippie vibe! Looks like they are made in batik technique :)
Happy Wednesday :***
rooth said…
Smart girl with her pockets! Y'all are too cute
Jane said…
love :) and dresses with pockets are the best!
Beauty Follower said…
Such a cute duet!

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