Currently Loving #26

What I've been loving lately....

1) I'm late into the Zumba craze, y'all! Just discovered this when my SIL gave me this DVD set, and I'm obsessed. I also now have a girl crush on Tanya Beardsley (who hasn't really taught Zumba for awhile, but she's awesome in the vids!).
image from

 2) Scream series on Netflix
I'm a huge fan of the movies, and I think this series lives up to the movies's spirit.

3) Milani lipsticks and gloss
Have been using these a lot lately. Love the colours and consistency:)
Lipstick shades "Rose Femme" and "Matte Naked"; Gloss is "Bare Secret"

4) I saw this Vladimir Spencer sweater in the Nov 2015 issue of Nylon, and now I want to knit something like this.

5) This A-line dress is from the Alabama Chanin Sewing Patterns book. All the patterns are hand-sewn and looks quite challenging, but my goal is to make it...eventually....:D

Your turn...what have you been loving lately?


Elle Sees said…
love the milani!! by the way, thinking of you and your family today!!
Adam said…
I never got into the scream movies, I'm not too big of a fan on horror
That sweater is amazeballs! If I had one like it, I'd probably never want to take it off haha

Rowena @ rolala loves
Alabama Channin's pieces are always great. I've not seen the Scream series, but I did love the films. I've been loving listening to oldies, we bought a new (vintage) record player and broke it in. <3
Luxury Accessories
Beauty Editer said…
I so love this!

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Linda said…
I love the Milani packaging! :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The Milani lip colors look really nice. I've actually only done Zumba twice and it was crazy intense, but fun!
Valerie said…
These all so great! I'm loving that red looks absolutely amazing! If you knit something like this, I would love to see it! :)
That sweater's cool! Love to see your spin on it. The Scream series are making me curious, I saw it with the suggestions Netflix had for me. I am currently watching Brooklyn nine nine, and I am getting close to the end of the season. I think Scream deserves a try!
Anonymous said…
That sweater!! <3 Fellow Netflix fan here by the way. I just finished the 2nd season of The Originals and next up is either the last season of Heroes or the new The 100 season, haven't decided yet.
Beauty said…
Lovely items; the nude lipstick and gloss and that gorgeous red cable knit sweater are my favorites. I'm currently loving cozy sweaters and blanket scarfs.
Unknown said…
Love everything!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava
I love the dress pattern and the chunky sweater is a dream!

Christel |
Zumba is fun! I can see why you love it! Milani makes excellent lip products! Gorgeous colors.
Imogen said…
I love the lipstick shades and you totally need to knit number 4
What a really beautiful post!

That sweater is fabulous!
Jane said…
oh my gosh. that sweater!

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