Either way

This dress does not make a lot of appearance on this blog, and I honestly don't know why coz it's one of the comfiest items I have, and plus, I can wear it as a top.
Lole dress,  BDG jeans, Ugg Australia boots 

I thought I'd share today the Christmas window display of Hudson Bay at their flagship store in downtown Toronto (like the Macy's in New York).  They always do great ones every year, but I think this is the first time I'm sharing them on this blog.

(Sorry for the reflection. I just took these on my phone.)


Linda said…
Gorgeous! You look so beautiful, and I love all your photos! :)
Beauty Follower said…
And also matches with the colour of your hair!
Nice window display!

Anonymous said…
Wow, what a nice Christmas display!
Unknown said…
Stunning images!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava
Oh, I cannot tell that it's a dress. But, I love it when you can make items into versatile garments. That's always a plus for me. Happy Monday! x
Stylish Foodie 2.0
Yes to wearing a dress as a top and not the other way around ;p Your hair looks awesome Emmy!
What a beautiful Christmas window display! I wish more stores did that. I love Christmas decorations :)
rooth said…
The window displays are darling!
Valerie said…
Beautiful outfit, and I'm loving the window display...all the decorations are so cute!

Beauty said…
Lovely look; those Ugg boots are just too chic! I love it. Also, the window display is beautiful..
aki! said…
Your hair just gets more and more awesome! The shade of pink is lovely on you as well.

7% Solution
Imogen said…
This looks amazing on you and your hair is perfect. How gorgeous is the window display
plus its a great color on you emmy! That display with the table of Christmas food is glorious.
nerline said…
You look so comfy. I love the hair!
Chic Therapy said…
Such lovely pictures. Christmas is really in the air.
I love this look, those denims and top (can not believe that is a dress!). We have those Christmas windows happening in our city as well but to be honest I have never once seen them. Even as a child. :o(

Vision By Mila said…
Loving the Christmas decorations, they're the best! I still have to decorate the house, but after Lukas' b-day this weekend.
June said…
I love the color! And its so cool that you can wear it as a top! I would have never guessed its a dress. Love your boots too. The xmas display is so adorable! I just went to the mall an hour ago and was delighted to see festive displays in stores here too :)
Beauty Editer said…
I love this a lot! Really nice.

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I love windowshopping, especially when the holidays are near. This looks amazing!
Miu said…
That's really a nice dress/top!

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