New in...coz I can't make everything:P

I've been pretty good so far with my resolution of not buying stuff I can make, so yay! Alas, there are still many things I can't make, so here are my latest *hauls.

I went into Sephora just to buy gifts, but hubby said that I might as well treat myself to one item, so I'm pretty stoked to have this Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book. Just in time for the holiday pictures:D

Bought some books and mags. Woot!...

...and a great cutting mat from Fabricland, which is really becoming my second home.

And guys, if you need cards, be sure to check out Josie's Etsy shop here. I ordered a handmade birthday card from her and it is just lovely:)

Do let me know about your new hauls:)

*This post has been sponsored by my dear husband. Thank you:D Promise I'll make you something soon...eventually...


  1. I am with you on buying things that you can't make. I finally bought some new fabric, so hopefully I will make time to create something. I like your new contour palette, it looks great. Happy Friday to you and the family Emmy :).
    Chinese Cooking

  2. Daisy likes looking in Sephora but I hear their prices are way too high.

  3. I love how your hubby is such an enabler - most men are like nooo, you have too much stuff haha! The contour palette looks really lovely. Thank you so much for your order Emmy and for the shout out! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  4. I have been obsessed for the past 2 months with Aliexpress. I mean there's some serious cheap stuff in there! I wanted to actually see what you get for the money, I didn't take too big risks, but everything I got I am more than happy with! I got screwed with a scarf though, but that's the only time things didn't go well. I haven't bought anything "big" in a while, been a good girl, but now there's lots of holiday offers, so I might treat myself with something nice. I think I'll be getting the Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm and then will be looking for a new shampoo, want to bring my natural curls back to life. Maybe some festive shirt for Lukas' birthday. I'll be waiting for the sales after Xmas.

  5. No you can't possibly make everything you need ;) Nice treats especially that Kevyn Aucoin palette. I have one of those cutting mats. It's a must for crafting.

  6. That contour book looks amaaaaaazing. Oh my goodness that is beautiful!

  7. That's an amazing idea not to buy anything you can make. Love what you got here.

  8. Kevyn Aucoin's book looks interesting!

  9. That contouring book looks so good! And the palette is very nice. I'm currently using the Anastasia Contour Kit and I love it too!

  10. Love your new treat. I've never invested in a contour kit because they scare me! And I can't say that I've splurged much either. Just a new leather jacket to take on my next trip.


  11. Yeah, that was Lukas' bear, my parents got it for him. I ordered some stuff from Lush, I think you saw in IG, I'm very tempted to get more, but will be good and wait for sales. We might also make it to some nice beach holiday early next year, in Spain, so I'd like to shop more in there, prices are way lower than in Finland. But a little treat never heart anyone at Christmas!

  12. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  13. you already know my love of everything keyvn!!!


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