There's just some things I know I have to use, like the leftover fabric I had from sewing these dresses over the Christmas holidays. I really love the fabric but I knew what I had wasn't big enough for another garment. I decided to make an infinity scarf out of it instead. This way, I get to see it everyday, because if you're in Canada, you get to enjoy scarves pretty much year round:D

North Face jacket, Sherlock shirt from Hot Topic, BDG jeans, Ugg Australia boots
Don't you just love plaid?


Boris Estebitan said…
Lindo look amiga, feliz 2016 :)
Miu said…
Plaid is really looking gorgeous on a scarf!
What a cool idea to turn your leftover fabric into an infinity scarf! It looks fab!
Hena Tayeb said…
yes.. love it. the red is the perfect pop of color
Looks great! It's always good to use fabric remnants, I just did a purge of some recently, and using the rest. Great job!
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Linda said…
I love the plaid! Looks wonderful!
Unknown said…
Your look is awesome!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava
Unknown said…
Love the scarf! Very good idea to use up leftover fabric :)
Funny enough, I bought a plaid dress today which I absolutely adore.
You are so brave to be outside without a coat, isn't Ontario like freezing cold? LOL! I'm on Vancouver Island where winter is relatively very mild and I still can't stand outside without a coat. Love that you created the scarf yourself, I do envy anyone who can sew because I can't.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Adam said…
I assume you saw the new teasers of pledging allegiance to stark, tarygaren or lannister for season six? Makes you wonder
Love plaid! Wearing a plaid shirtdress and a plaid scarf. There's no such thing as too much plaid in my opinion :-)
I am crazy for plaid but I don't like wearing patterns. Isn't that weird?
Valerie said…
I love plaid, and this scarf is absolutely beautiful!
Coco said…
Really cute look! I love the scarf!!
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi
Anonymous said…
Oh I love it, what a good idea to use up the leftover fabric!
Elle Sees said…
so, or i guess SEW resourceful!! ;) this turned out great, as all your creations do.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The infinity scarf is a fantastic idea for the leftover material. I adore it!
The scarf you made Emmy looks great! You're going to get so much wear out of it.
LV said…
Very cute scarf Emmy and what a perfect way to use the left over fabric.
Beauty Follower said…
Cool tee & hat!
Imogen said…
Such a great idea, it's one of the best prints
Jane said…
love how you made it into an infinity scarf. :)
aki! said…
I really want to understand how you're functioning in a short sleeved shirt if you also need a coat.

I've been living in sweaters for the past several months.

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