Currently Loving #27

Things I'm loving lately....

1) The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
I've had the first book Cinder for awhile because it was my recommended by my SIL, but it wasn't until recently that I've had the chance to read it, and I.Am.Hooked. I had to buy the rest of the series right away, yo! It's YA, and the whole series is based on different fairy tales, with a mix of Star Wars-like saga. I'm on the third book right now.

2) My youngest and I really love these Invisibobbles I won in a giveaway, which I've discussed here.

3) Luvskin Green Tea Toner
I've been hearing about Korean skin care products for a long time now, but haven't really tried anything. Inspired by Rowena, who has an amazing skin care routine and does great product reviews including different Korean brands, I thought I'd give it a shot. I saw this toner in an Asian store, and thought I'd give it a go, and I'm liking it so far!

4) Pixi Flawless Vitamin Veil
I've been using this for a couple of months now, and I like it for everyday use. It doesn't offer the usual heavy coverage I prefer, but it's great for daily wear.

5)This pork bun is everything.
6) This is an old song, but I never get tired of listening to it...sigh....

What have you been loving lately?


Elle Sees said…
i love that song by keane!! still so good. i gave those hair bobbles things as stocking stuffers. big hit!
Ooh I haven't heard of that brand but you had me at green tea! It's such a soothing and lovely ingredient for the skin. Glad to hear you're liking it so far. And thanks for the sweet shoutout Emmy! You know I love my Asian skincare ;p Now I want a pork bun! I don't think I've ever had one that has a fun crust on top like a pineapple bun.
Imogen said…
So many lovelies here!!
Love The Lunar Chronicles! I haven't read the last book yet because I don't want the series to end... :)
Anonymous said…
I also like the Invisibobbles. When I wear a high ponytail they're the only thing that prevent it from sagging.
Jane said…
I've been on a shiseido kick for the past couple of months but trying a few Korean beauty products again has been on my to do! :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
A green tea toner? Yes, please! I haven't read any YA in a year, which seems crazy considering I was on a big YA kick for a long time.

New Post: Cultural Appropriation:
That Keane song is pretty awesome, I'm going to re-add it to my playlist and will probably remove it after I play it to death. I also want to try out Korean skincare. I don't think I've ever read a poor review on anything.

very items! I love the hairpiece - a fan myself

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P.S. would you like to follow each other?
Vision By Mila said…
I love it that I'm soon gonna travel! Can't wait! I also love my Astor long lasting lip color, stain, whatever it is, beats everything else I've ever tried, lasts for hours, just great!
Miu said…
I like your list, it's very personal and unique! :)
Sharon said…
I love that song too! And those books seem great. I love both fairytales and Star Wars, so I think I should check them out too
That is definitely a book series I would be interested in. Gotta check it out Emmy! Glad you and your shadow (snicker) are enjoying the invisibobbles! I often wondered about them. Rowena does excellent skincare and beauty posts.

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