Dots and plaid

As usual, another dress-with-boots, which is fast becoming my go-to outfit.
Dress and cowl I sewed, Timberland boots

 My eldest celebrated his birthday this weekend. Man...he's gonna be taller than me soon!

Sewed this Minion dress:D
How was your weekend?


baili said…
lovely photos you and your family is so pretty dear
Elle Sees said…
y'all are such cuties!! happy bday to the oldest! love her minion dress!!
That is a winning combination! Happy Birthday to your son!
Happy Birthday to your son! We share the same birthday weekend! Love your dress and boots combination Emmy! Looks great :D
Wow, yes, your son has grown very tall already. Great look on you Emmy. Happy Monday. x
Star Noir
Oh wow, what a handsome kid and yes, he'll be taller than you soon! LOL! When I saw my eldest earlier this month, I was surprised at how much taller he is too, he's like only an once or so away from my height and he's only 14! LOL!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Unknown said…
So lovely look!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I love the addition of the scarf, and always a fan of polka dots. Yay to February birthdays! Happy birthday to your son.
Adam said…
I know that's going be Daisy's curse when we have a kid, even a girl. She's very short, she's actually not much taller than Peter Dinklage. I also hear Kit Harington is much shorter in person, he's apparently 5'8" (172.72cm)
I seriously love your dress!! Your kid's smiles are just too much! Love those little faces!
Your dress is so cute! Hope your son had a great birthday!
Anonymous said…
Cute dress! And yessss, your son is so tall!
Hena Tayeb said…
your kiddo's are so cute.. Happy Birthday to him
I am all about the polka dots!
Jane said…
happy birthday!!! :)
LV said…
Such a cute look Emmy. I am a big fan of pattern mixing and love what you did with the scarf and the dots. Your kids are just too cute! such an adorable family
Vision By Mila said…
Your kids are so cute! Happy Birthday to your son and all the best! I love your dress! Imagine that today I finally gathered up some energy to get myself ready for taking some pics of.. me, just because I like my new poncho. You know me and outfit posts.. never happening! Today was the day! What were the odds that the camera battery dies on me as soon as I mount the camera on the tripod.. then L. got cranky, then I got cranky, goodbye photos!
Imogen said…
Two of my favourite prints and even better together. Happy birthday to your son
Coco said…
Amazing shots! You're marvellous!!
Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW BEAUTY TREND POST
rooth said…
Happy birthday to your oldest! They're growing up so fast...
Boris Estebitan said…
Muy tiernas las fotos :)
Valerie said…
Happy Birthday to your son! I love your outfit! The dots and plaid combo is so cute, and those boots are amazing!
Love the mixed patterns, and happy belated birthday to your son!
Happy birthday to your son! Looks like he has a wonderful party!

Miu said…
Omg, your dress! Can I order one? ;)
And happy belated birthday to your son! He has such an amazing smile :)

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