All black

Now that spring is here, of course that's when I decided to wear dark colours...bwahaha!

Anyhoo, this skirt is such weird length and would really work more with heels, but comfort always wins.

old Lacoste shirt and Holt Renfrew skirt, Timberland boots

(It's still chilly here so jackets are still required. I just didn't wear it for the photos:D)

PS. It's the start of March Break for the kiddos starting today...woot!


I wear black year round also Emmy! Closet full of it! You guys have fun on break :D
I wish there was a spring break for moms. Where mom's get to go away for 8 hours and have fun while the kids stay at home with dad and clean. TEE HEE!!
Fashionably Idu said…
Ive got tons of darks too even though I love to rock colors year round. You look great Emmy.
I do the same thing, but then again Melbournians as a whole live in black so this doesn't feel odd to me at all!

Elle Sees said…
fab!! it's going to be in the 80s today. i am not ready for that yet.
Hena Tayeb said…
yup it's chilly here too.. we had a few days of warm sunshine but now we are back to gray and rainy.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I'm wearing colors for spring, but I can never not wear any black! Hope the kids are enjoying their break.
I wear that length skirt all the time and find it works just as well with heels or flats. Still trying to work more black into my wardrobe ;p
Jane said…
black and spring! why not?! :)
Miu said…
I will never understand the rule of wearing dark colours in winter - it's in winter when everything else is dark the clothes have to be bright! So in spring, dark colours are perfect to not blend in with the flowers ;)

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