For the love of Vans

Although I've never been a part of the skateboarding culture growing up, Vans has always appealed to me. It was only in the later years, however, that I've really been fond of them...maybe, because having kids meant I'm surrounded by the youth culture (more so now than in my youth where I was such a serious student aka nerd).

Anyhoo, I thought I'd show my collection to celebrate Vans' 50th anniversary...small but all dear to me:)

This is not a sponsored post (as I've never done a sponsored post). I just really love Vans.

 These are my youngest's. I like how tattered it looks.

Are you a fan?


  1. I love the Darth Vader pair! So awesome!

    1. I didn't notice his face the first time

      Sith happens

  2. Yep! My 15 and 13 year olds rock them and I feel old but, oh well. I had a bright Orange pair in college and got a a polka dot pair that I still wear from a few years ago! Rock on!! Happy Easter!!

  3. You have a huge collection in comparison to me as I only own a pair shame on me. Much as I love them too. Keep rocking yours girl.

  4. Love your collection! I am a huge fan of Vans as well. I have probably three pairs? They last for ages and look great. Love the pink checkered ones!

  5. What a cute collection! The Darth Vader ones are just too cool!

  6. Looks like you have quite a Vans collection. My brother used to skateboard, haha, I could never get it right and always fell off. Love the light blue style. <3 Happy Easter weekend Emmy. x/Madison

  7. Vans are comfy and cool, I love them too! Happy Easter dear Emmy :-)

  8. Vans are awesome! I'm loving your collection! :)

  9. Stunning selection!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  10. I remember when all the cool skater kids at school used to wear Vans! I was not one of the cool kids...

    lol :-)

  11. i don't own any, but i love them!

  12. My mom's dad had worn the checkerboard Vans consistently since the 80s - seeing those always put a smile on my face

  13. I still don't feel like I belong into this youth culture ;) I guess I'm not old enough yet.


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