The one with the bolero

How was your Easter, guys? We had great weather over here, so yay for that!

Here's the outfit I wore for our Easter celebration...more me-made items:)

The vest is knitted using a pattern from Sylvia Olsen's book Knitting Stories, and the dress is made from the Merchant and Mills pattern used here. I feel like I should just make this dress in different colours, coz I wear the original one a lot!

Bolero I knitted using Yeast's Bolero pattern by Sylvia Olsen, dress I sewed using the Bantam Vest pattern from the Merchant and Mills Workbook, Blondo boots

Much love from my family to yours:)


Looks like a fun Easter at your house! Your DIY skills never cease to amaze me Emmy! We took a brunch cruise around NYC for Easter.

Haha SJK is such a cutie but if you hear him speak as well, he becomes even more attractive ;p Let me know if you end up watching DotS :)
Linda said…
Beautiful and elegant, and I love all your photos! :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The dress pattern is lovely. Makes me think of something that would be great for Coachella.

New Post:
The family picture is so sweet! Your dress and vest are awesome :)
Happy Easter to you too! I'm sure you all had a wonderful Easter. And I love that vest of yours, so stunning!

Anonymous said…
I usually really do not like boleros but that one is actually kinda cute! Looks like you had a really fun Easter with the family.
Glad to hear that you enjoyed your Easter. Great pattern and it turned out lovely Emmy. Have a great week. x/Madison
Unique Baking
Vanessa said…
Love the vest and the dress, adorable, and cute family photos too :)
rooth said…
I love your whole family pics - everyone looks adorable!
Unknown said…
Love this outfit! You should definitely make that dress in different colours - and then you should give me some ;)

Emma |
Valerie said…
Love these photos, and the bolero is so cute! It looks amazing with the black dress and boots!
Adam said…
Happy late Easter
Hena Tayeb said…
Great family pic!
Love your outfit
Elle Sees said…
again, amazing talent! i can't wait until you make this dress in more colors! always love seeing family pics!
Miu said…
Ugh, I'm sorry the video doesn't play for you :/ Maybe it is limited to my country? But you should definitely check it out!

Easter seems to have been quite warm for you! I actually cannot remember much of the weather on that day because we are not searching outside anymore ;)

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