I'll bring you down to Chinatown.

We've finally been having spring-like weather over here...woohoo! To take advantage of this, my husband and I decided to go downtown during the weekend just to walk around while the in-laws took the kids. Good times:D

Here are some pics we took. You won't see any snow, you guys...no snow!

In Chinatown (Spadina area)

Lunch time
 Congee for me coz I've been feeling a bit ill lately, and this was all my tummy could take for days.
Checking out the fruits at a market

Fabric shopping at King Textiles

Walking around Queen St West

City Hall
On the subway. This was the best pic we had together...yup....

How was your weekend, guys?


I love this, Emmy and I wish we have Chinatown where I live but nah, Comox Valley is way too small for one. I have to go all the way down to Nanaimo to get proper Asian groceries. And tell me about Spring weather, we're hitting a high of 20C today!

We had a really good weekend of cleaning the house, scrubbing everything down because we plan to list our home for sale in the future. Was tiring and not the most glamorous weekend but a very fulfilling one. :-)

ps: love that picture of you and your husband! xx

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Our friends in Toronto took us to this are when we visited them years ago. The Richmond Hill area seemed to be more happening than Chinatown though.

Yes they did a good job of wrapping it up in Urk. I loved the parcel scene when the guys ran to try to intercept the package but they got caught anyway and totally threw each under the bus ;p And SHK and SJK just killed it with their crying in ep. 12.
Chic Therapy said…
Your Chinatown looks much cleaner and streets looks wider than we have in Boston.
What a lovely weekend Emmy! I love fresh fruit stands. They are the best! I vet you had a blast at the textile shop. That was a nice day! You and your hubby are so cute.
Emmylou said…
Oh my gosh! I was crying when Capt. Yoo was crying over killing Argus:'( What a great episode that was!
Hena Tayeb said…
looks like fun. Hope you are feeling better soon
Imogen said…
Looks like great fun, you even got to visit a fabric shop! Chinatown seems much more spacious than the one we have here.
We have a few Chinatown spots around in Melbourne and they're all so condensed and claustrophobic. I've never really gone down and explored them, only hitting these spots up for dinner here and there. Your post makes me want to explore them now

Coco said…
Your smile is so amazing Emmy!! I'm glad You enjoyed some nice weather! We had a rainy weekend here! Tons of love beauty!!
Beauty Editer said…
So stunning! I like this so much.

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Unknown said…
Hooray for no snow! It's amazing how much your mood can change when the weather gets better x
Adam said…
I've actually never been to an outside produce market

-Less than a week to go!
That fabric store looks awesome!
Yay, for the in-laws taking the children. Glad that you and your husband could getaway for a bit. I like Toronto, I used to go there a bit for work. That fabric store looks like heaven to me! I'd be there for hours. <3
Sugar Talk
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Love to see your daily life pics!

Valerie said…
This looks like such a fun place to explore! Great photos!

rooth said…
Oooo rare photo of your husband :)
Vision By Mila said…
A day without the kids.. bliss! :D You know I don't mean it in a bad way.. :D
Jane said…
I have always enjoyed a big/moderate size Chinatown where I lived (in NY and LA) but not so much in these neck of the woods, which is too bad! But there are really great restaurants which makes up it. ;)

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