It's baaaaaaack!

The winter-like weather has reared its head again...windy and snowy and cold...oh my!Well, at least I can wear this sweater longer.

No Face sweater from Hot Topic, Habitual jeans, Ugg Australia boots

Has spring arrived where you are?

(My birthday months starts today...woohoo:D)


Beauty Editer said…
Lovely post! I definitely had fun reading this. :)

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Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Month, lovely lady!

Linda said…
You look radiant! Winter is back here in Montreal, too! :)
Coco said…
Hello my darling Ems! I'm ok thank you! Hope you and your lovely family are doing great :-) I absolutely love your sweater! Spring here comes and goes... Much love hon!!! Valeria
What beautiful photos of your Emmy! I actually had to wear a coat over the weekend, but hopefully the sun will come out and play nice soon. Great looking outfit! <3
Spring Sportswear
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The no face sweater is pretty awesome! But it sucks that you guys are having to deal with rain and snow and April! Happy birthday month, luv.
Spring dropped a teaser but winter is also biting us back this week. It was supposed to snow but at least it wasn't cold enough and turned to rain instead. I was so disappointed cause today was supposed to be opening day for my NY Yankees.
The weather keeps going back & forth here (hot & chilly). It can be frustrating. I love your sweater & pants Emmy! LOVE your cotton candy hair color! That is cool. I hope warmer weather comes your way soon.
Oh wow, seriously snowing on your side again? It's been very sunny and the temperature is going as high as 18C on my side! I guess I'm lucky to be living on Vancouver Island. LOL!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Adam said…
Hey, it's No-Face!
Unknown said…
Unfortunately we're still getting snow and hail in New Jersey :( But on the bright side, yay for more time to wear cozy sweaters :) Also, I love your hair color!

Anonymous said…
Spring is semi here, lol. Today it's rainy and chilly though.
I thought spring was here and then it got cold again. Boo. Love your sweater :)
Elle Sees said…
it's been in the 50s-70s, which is fine by me. it's like this snow came from nowhere!
LV said…
I can't imagine all that cold weather you deal with. You look cute in the cold. It is warm spring weather in my neck of the woods.
Chic Therapy said…
I know! It was all warm and dandy a few weeks ago, and not its freezing!
Miu said…
I am hoping so much that spring has arrived to stay! Today was already warmer than the last days and during midday, in the sun, it was even getting hot in the winter jacket! So I'm really, really crossing my fingers!
I love Spirited Away but No Face's mask face and always creeps me out!!
Vision By Mila said…
We don't have snow anymore here, but boy it is grey outside! I need to turn on the lights in the house it's so dark!

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