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The latest thing I sewed...a coat, you guys. Made so many mistakes while making this, but I ended up really liking the finished garment.
Coat I sewed using Lotta Jansdotter's Pilvi Coat pattern from her book Everyday Style, Wilfred top, no-name leggings, Birkenstocks

 And guys, since I've been really into Korean dramas and the Asian skin care routine, Pacific Mall trips have been frequent and really quite dangerous for the wallet.  The greatest thing about my new Kdrama obsession is that it's tiding me over while waiting for the new Walking Dead season and Game of Thrones episodes...heh!

Anyhoo, here's the latest haul from there...

From Broadcast Entertainment and Fantasia store
1) Descendants of the Sun pouch and postcard set
2) My Love From The Star OST
I may have squeed a little when the lady at the store showed me this. Guys, this show has 21 episodes (with an epilogue) and I finished it in less than week! (It came out in 2013 so all the episodes are accessible on Viki.)
Just a wonderful love story. You can see the trailer here. It's like Twilight and The Time Traveler's Wife combined into one. Love the cast, both the main and the supporting.

Look what's inside!
The special set  has 2 CDs, a DVD, postcards, a small book with movie stills and lyrics sheet.
3) Of course, I had to get some beauty stuff, right? Hehe
Etude House Zero Sebum powder (from Multi Brand) and Biore Watery Essence sunscreen (from Floy Beauty) 
How was your weekend, guys? And have you seen My Love From The Star? I'm now a fan of its main lead, Kim Soo Hyun:D And if you have any suggestions on what Korean drama to watch, let me know!
(Currently watching Oh Hae Young Again and Vampire Detective:D)
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PS Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canucks!


  1. You are very talented, it looks great on you. What's cheaper buying clothes from a store or buying the fabric and a pattern, and making your own?

  2. Love the coat! The whole outfit is looking super cool overall! And your haul is sure gonna keep you happy and entertained for a while I see :)

  3. This is absolutely wonderful!

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  4. That coat looks great! What a cool and versatile silhouette!

    Cool finds! I've never gotten into K-drama merchandising before but I was really glad that my friend got me the DOTS photo essay book. I used to watch Get It Beauty when Eugene was a host but it's been awhile since I've checked it out. That show is so dangerous for the wallet LOL We started watching Signal and I also want to watch Dear My Friends. I'm not really interested in Oh Hae Young Again or Vampire Detective cause the stories and actors don't appeal to me. So many suggestions - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Misaeng, The Greatest Love, You're Beautiful, My Lovely Samsoon....

  5. I'm in awe, it's gorgeous!

  6. Wow, I know that you are full on into the K-drama. I really adore your black Pilvi coat, it's wonderful on you. All of the items that you got are also cool Emmy. Happy Monday. xo
    Beauty Bathing

  7. Oooh I just finished watching Descendent of the Sun last night and was reeling all day because I don't know what I'm going to do now and how I'll spend my nights! I might have to check out this other show you've mentioned, hopefully they have it available on the website I found!


  8. Total black is pretty with your pink hair ^_^
    To me new post JESUS SAVE THE BRIDE

  9. I am always so impressed with your sewing. That black jacket looks awesome and of course black on black is one of the most stylish looks of all time.

  10. Nice... like the minimal shape of your coat!

  11. You did a great job; the coat looks good on you

  12. Nice outfit

    Hold the door....Hodor. I can't believe we never saw that coming. It wasn't just the show creators idea. That one was straight from GRMM.

    I didn't like Summer dying. Ghost needs to stay alive. Nymeria is smart to stay missing.

  13. You did an awesome job with that coat Emmy! It looks fab on you! I love the style and you're going to get a lot of use out of it. Korean beauty products are addictive. Cute packaging. Most of the time it really works. I would spend a lot of money their too. :D

  14. That Biore Aquarich UV Essence is supposedly really good but I couldn't find it anywhere here in the town I live. It has SPF50+++ correct?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  15. You did a great job with the coat! I envy your skills.

  16. I have a good friend, she's Romanian, living in Sweden and very much into Korean stuff.. k-pop here, k-pop there.. she even dragged me to a concert a couple of years ago when she visited Helsinki. I will show her your post, though by now she probably has seen all tv shows, movies, etc.

  17. i need to check out these k dramas. you and rowena have me intrigued.

  18. so awesome what you sewed! way to go!! :) and i love your love for kpop and kdramas!!


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