Electric pink

I seriously wish these hair colours don't fade out so quickly. Unfortunately, after a couple of washings, you just lose the vibrancy no matter what brand you use. I guess that's why they call it semi-permanent, right? Anyhoo,  the good thing is that you can change colours so quickly:P

sheer top from Hot Topic worn with Topshop tank, American Eagle jeans, Vans slip ons

I've worn this top many times in this blog, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how I love the short front/long back...heh!

Peace out!


LL Cool Joe said…
Love the hair colour! My younger daughter went pink for a while but hers took forever to completely fade out!
Beauty Follower said…

That's such a fun and vibrant shade of pink! I always look forward to seeing what color you hair will be next Emmy :)

Glad to hear that you're liking My GF is a Gumiho. How far in are you now? I liked that one for the fantasy and humor and I absolutely adore the 2 leads.
Adam said…
I knew it would be Coldhands that would save Bran and Meera

and it was Uncle Benjen all along. Might not be that way in the books, but that was everyone's best guess on the matter anyway. Would explain why he's been gone so dang long.
That is such a bright, vibrant pink, Emmy and you rock it beautifully! Do you think you'll take the time and write a post about your hair care or how to change your hair colour and the maintenance? I know you don't run a beauty blog but I'm curious about it. I am tempted to colour my hair but I am afraid of the high maintenance.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Anonymous said…
It's crazy how normal the bright pink hair looks on you!
WOW #SUPER SUPER hair colour
Kisses 〒_〒

WOW #SUPER SUPER hair colour
Kisses 〒_〒

Elle Sees said…
loving that pink!! i always wanted pink or purple hair!
Such a cute top, and I love your hair :)
rooth said…
HA! That last picture is the best
Miu said…
Amazing colour, it's looking great on you!
I like that you change your hair color a lot Emmy! It keeps it fresh! Great top and your little one is too cute.
Coco said…
Oh yess!! I totally love it Ems! You rock my friend!!!
I love the bright pink! You are the coolest mom ever!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The pink color is still looking pretty rad and vibrant! And yes, this is still a fun top. Happy week!

Beauty Editer said…
This a really great post!

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Unknown said…
Amazing outfits!
Have a nice evening!
Gil Zetbase
nerline said…
The is such a relaxed look. Your baby cracks me up:) semi coloring is safer. I like your hair like that.
Vision By Mila said…
I just dyed my hair, dark blonde.. am very tempted to try they grey shade, but don't know if it suits me. And I don't want to bleach it anymore!

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