#KBeauty Shopping and Haul (Picture-Heavy)

As I've mentioned in this post, we live pretty close to Pacific Mall, which makes it easy to go shopping for AB (Asian Beauty) stuff. Admittedly, now that I'm into the whole K-beauty thing, going there is not good for my wallet (or my husband's...heehee).

I thought I'd give you a peek of what's in there. These pics are not of the whole mall though, coz I was with my husband and I guess there's only so much a guy can take before he has had enough of skin care shopping. Guys don't like beauty shopping?!?! Wut?!?! (He insisted I mention "long-suffering husband"...anyways....)

If you're in the Greater Toronto Area and haven't been to this mall, I highly recommend it. Visit the Market Village beside it as well, where there are some beauty stores like the Beauty Garden and Amore. (I will admit that I never go there on weekends though, coz it does get crazy!)

Let's begin, shall we?

Every time we go there, first thing we do is (of course) eat.  I always eat this at Japanese Express (Heritage Town on second floor). Love this place, and everyone there is super nice.:D
We were there around 12 on a weekday, so some shops were still closed. (Excuse the photo quality. These were taken with my phone.)

Many of these shops carry various brands.

He refuses to "pose" normally, and yet complain that all my pics of him make him look cray cray...sigh....
Where is Jin Goo? Teehee!

The girl here at Myeongdong was super nice. Will definitely come back here!

mostly brands from AmorePacific line like IOPE and Sulwhasoo

There are many other beauty stores that I wasn't able to take a picture of, like Multi Brand, The Face Shop and It's Skin, but you get the drift...:D I think it's cool they're all in one place.

 Here's what I got:
The First Treatment Essence from the Missha store (with some samples)
Nature Republic Magic Remover from Myeongdong Beauty
I also ordered some stuff from Sokoglam (I highly recommend this site. They shipped out quickly! I ordered these April 29th and got the package May 9th. Not bad.)

What I got:
Son & Park Beauty Water and SkinFood Black Sugar Mask
On that note, I just recently bought and read Korean Beauty Secrets by Kerry Thompson and Coco Park, which alongside Charlotte Cho's The Little Book Of Skin Care (see previously linked post on top), has really fuelled my interest with the whole thing. This book is more of a scientific look at the  multi-step Korean beauty routine. Highly recommend this book. Whereas Charlotte's book has a very chatty style, this book has a more serious tone, but still very readable. I like the part where several bloggers talk about their own routine and their fave products.

Needless to say, I'm excited to try all these new stuff. In a few months, I'll be doing a review of these products (including The Face Shop items I've bought previously) and let you know how it's all been working for me. Unfortunately, I have sensitive skin so I have to wait before introducing any new products to my face.

PS Since Rowena got me hooked into KDramas, I've now been watching My Love From The Star. Have you seen it? Am loving it so far:D

PS Here are a few recent Korean ads featuring Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo (from Descendants of the Sun)...enjoy:D


Elle Sees said…
i love kb, so this post made me so excited!! and everything has its own store!! i would have gone crazy buying it all!
oh emmy! you are so lucky to have so many fabulous asian shops in one place :D i would have a field day there. i recognize Missha, Tony Moly and Holika Holika >.< your hubby is too funny! thanks for sharing these pics. i love what you purchased. let us know about that black sugar mask. i loved the Skin Food masks i tried.
rooth said…
Holy crap, that place is INSANITY. I think I would have panicked and just walked out
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I think you're going to love that essence. I don't own it, but I have the essence by SK-II and I think it's pretty similar. This one was probably way more budget friendly.


p.s. I am happy that Jon has left The Watch. It's time for him to see other parts of Westeros, don't you think?
I'm pretty sure out Toronto friends took us to the mall when we visited a few years ago but it wasn't as built up with that many AB stores then. What a nice shopping resource fro you but maybe not as good for your wallet LOL We have some of the same stores in NYC but I find the prodding salespeople really annoying so I tend to only go when they're really busy so they'll leave me alone ;p I use the Son&Park Beauty Water as a toner but it's a good multipurpose product too. You can also use it on mornings when you don't want to wash your face :)
nerline said…
Before I had my driver's license, my husband used to take me to the mall, and it was torture for him. Sometimes he would drop me off and go back to pick me up. I understand what your poor hubby went through. Thanks for sharing those pics. I am sure these products are great.
Miu said…
Wow, that's a big range of shops to choose from! :)
Adam said…
I had a co-worker who asked what was in the Tower of Joy

it's..........Jon Snow!
It's so great that you have plentiful options. Oooh, and The Face Shop! I remember visiting this mall when I was in the city on business. Great photos! I used to buy quite a bit from Missha. Happy weekend Emmy.
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Beauty Editer said…
Love this! Have a lovely weekend. :)

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Oh wow, I would go broke if I live close to that mall, Emmy! I have been getting more into Asian skincare too and have been itching to try more and more and way more much to my husband's dismay. And LMAO at your hubby's pose! Mine is the same and always make himself looks cray cray! LOL!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
What an awesome place to go shopping! I can definitely see it being bad on the wallet :)
Unknown said…
Amazing place!
Have a nice week-end!
Gil Zetbase
Sharon said…
Aah! I would have gone insane and spent a million!
Kate said…
Amazing post ! Would you like to follow each other?
Anonymous said…
Long time no see, Emmy! Seeing all the lovely things you hauled is making me greeeeeeedy :-)
LL Cool Joe said…
I just popped over from Sharon's blog, your husband's face and pose cracked me up! I think he was very brave to go shopping with you at all! :D
Unknown said…
I love such posts where I can feel like I am doing virtual shopping!! :)
Jane said…
What is this place??!!! Pretty awesome! :)
Vision By Mila said…
Do not tempt me woman! I'm on a bit of a shopping break, my credit card has suffered a bit after the holiday, so I gotta be good til the next hol! Of my previous purchases, I LOVE Origins Gin Zing day moisturizer! I think it might be the best I've tried and suits my skin! Happy!

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